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floating baggage claim

baggage claim using boats in a canal
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boats carry luggage and are claimed off of them
sukiyaki, Nov 07 2008


       "off of"?
hippo, Nov 07 2008

       It's a bit of a put off, is it not, this confusion between off and of, of which the grammaticians must surely make something to sound off on.
neelandan, Nov 07 2008

       O, f off
theleopard, Nov 07 2008

       similar to sushi
sukiyaki, Nov 07 2008

       why not just make floating luggage? no boat needed.
xandram, Nov 07 2008

       //similar to sushi//
coprocephalous, Nov 07 2008

       you pull bag off wooden boat at airport baggage claim instead of belt
sukiyaki, Nov 07 2008

       I rather fancy claiming my luggage with the aid of one of those long poles they drag rowing boats in with.   

       <shouts "come in number 12">
po, Nov 07 2008

       uses color plates to indicate flights, red for delta 899, blue for AA 445, etc.
sukiyaki, Nov 07 2008

       i'd rather a baggage claim that doesn't make me wait four hours for my bag. I like this though, as long as the boats are shaped like plastic ducks or swans.
penguin_tummy, Nov 07 2008

       "No loitering in the terminal sir."
"Oh, I'm not loitering, I'm wading for my luggage."

       {cue rimshot}
phoenix, Nov 07 2008


       "Gondolas, gondolas, gondolas ...... wherever you look there's more f*****g gondolas."   

8th of 7, Nov 07 2008

       welcome to sushi international airport
sukiyaki, Nov 08 2008

       Nice, do they do with sushi too?
zeno, Nov 08 2008

       is [sukiyaki] an its? shirley an it's <in my best Russell Brand voice>   

       a belated +
po, Nov 08 2008

       basically luggage coming on a sushi boat hauled by a chain
sukiyaki, Nov 11 2008

       Could be a bit of a drag, having to wait for them to come through the locks.
coprocephalous, Nov 11 2008

       why didn't you articulate the idea in the first place? I was sure you had meant boats in water!
xandram, Nov 11 2008

       No, it's sushi. It's a very portable and nutritious foodstuff, and its use should be promoted in airports, which is happening here.   

       He wants sushi to be sold at the baggage claim, which just so happens to be rearranged to resemble boats in a canal probably because children can get their little fingers caught in the traditional belt system and I'd rather save my kid from drowning than have his bloody fingers all over his brand new luggage. Anyways, people don't go hungry with a sushi or two while watching boats pass down the canal. Very nice.   

       Whether or not the sushi will be distributed in one of those unheardof variations as UnaBubba suggests is beyond me. Probably not, that would just be stupid and gross, as he points out.
daseva, Nov 11 2008

       no sushi involved, just luggage on the boats similar to sushi
sukiyaki, Nov 12 2008

       Oh, yes I think sushi shaped luggage is just fantastic! [[[+]]]
daseva, Nov 12 2008

       luggage is placed on the sushi boat, along with radomon sushi
sukiyaki, Nov 19 2008

       Yes - I'd love to see sushi-shaped luggage going round the baggage carousel
hippo, Nov 19 2008

       O, f off. (echo)
neelandan, Nov 19 2008

       OITA, Japan airport puts giant fake sushi on baggage claim belt
sukiyaki, Feb 16 2009


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