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Bagging coefficient

items in a store are assigned a bagging coefficient to assist bagging
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I came up with this for one of my other concepts but it has merit on its own. Baggers at grocery stores never get it quite right. Some bags are too heavy, others too light, and sometimes break because they used the wrong kind of back. How about putting a simple colored sticker on each item that symbolizes a "bagging coefficient," and allows baggers to more quickly and efficiently bag your items. A red sticker means it always goes on top. Green get's its own doubled bag, light blue should go between purple and yellow, etc.

The stickers would be assessed by fragility, weight, value, and likeliness to break a bag.

Now, bag packing is a passive thing and can be done very quickly and very well. No more wine explosions on the way up the front porch!

innoventor, Mar 05 2006


       Or you could be a grumpy old fart like me and put your items up onto the checkout conveyor in bag lots, with the heavy items closest to the operator and a 10 cm (count them, go on, ten of them) gap between each bag lot. Makes their job easier. Keeps you happy. All win win mate.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 05 2006

       I'd like to put the same colour stickers on al my items, just to see the look of confusion on the bagger's face.
jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006


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