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$19.RANDOM Price Tag

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It all started with $19.99, then $19.98. The state of the art is now $19.94 ... I still can't even phantom the power.

Even so, I was going to have the audacity to submit my revolutionary $19.93 price tag idea... but even that's not enough the only way to put this to bed is with a $19.RANDOM price tag.... $19.34 , $19.56, $19.01 ... most items in the store will all have different slightly random price.

With 100 numbers to choose from, it will take a very long time for consumers to get habituated. And before they do, the sales will rocket way up. Even $19.99 items will be hot sellers. After all, everyone loves nostalgia.

ixnaum, Dec 05 2021

$19.94 $19_2e94_20Price_20Tag
In case you missed it. . [pertinax, Dec 05 2021]


       How is the random number generated?   

       What statistical methods will be used to ensure an even spread of the different values?   

       What degree of tolerance will be permitted per unit, line, aisle, shop, region, product, time period?
pocmloc, Dec 05 2021

       If you have degrees of tolerance you're not truly random. It must be possible, however unlikely, to have all items in a given store at $19.95
Voice, Dec 05 2021

       Right but true randomness is an immpossibility isn't it?
pocmloc, Dec 05 2021

       Yes but on a smaller scale than that.
pocmloc, Dec 05 2021

       Sale! $19.00 even!
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2021


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