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Bagpipe Breathalyzer

Just blow into here sir...
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There are more breath tests at this time of year, and it's the only time when you hear bagpipes. Why on earth *wouldn't* you combine the two?

Landlords could own a set, and secretly find out whose car keys needed confiscating for the evening.

Fishrat, Jan 01 2004


       Made me chuckle just reading the title. (+)   

       Don't you have to be drunk to enjoy the sound?
oneoffdave, Jan 01 2004

       yes. very. Dreadful dirge.
jonthegeologist, Jan 01 2004

       Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are indicating you have a blood alcohol level of .09...   

       // it's the only time when you hear bagpipes. //   

       Why is that? In Nova Scotia they are more frequently heard during the summer months.
waugsqueke, Jan 01 2004

       Ever since the wall came down, we English have a mighty fear o' lookin' north. However, the Scots celebrate so noisily at thing time of year that even we English have trouble ignoring them.
Fishrat, Jan 01 2004

       Don't you have to be pretty drunk to think you can play the bagpipes in the first place?
DrCurry, Jan 01 2004

       I swear there is a cat in that bag. London did better than Edinburgh last night!
po, Jan 01 2004

       Didn't take you for a religious sort.
waugsqueke, Jan 02 2004

       Bagpipes can bring you to your knees incredibly quickly.
Fishrat, Jan 02 2004

       bagpipes! fun fun +
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 06 2004

       Beautiful. Just plain Beautiful.
mahatma, Mar 06 2004

       I am one of the few who truly loves bagpipes. Can never listen to them without smiling. The last time that I heard them I was snowed in, in Yosemite Valley, and a lone piper played at 6:00AM. The effect was wonderful as the sound bounced off the canyon walls.   

       Yes, a "smidge" of Scottish blood somewhere back in my family. [+]
Klaatu, Mar 06 2004

       You're not the only one [klaatu]. I certainly have a soft spot for the pipes... Reminds me of home (wipes a tear from my eye).
Alot of American tourists seem to like them aswell.
MikeOliver, May 26 2004

       i guess the system works on, i'm in a pub i'll play the bag pipes, stone cold sober this seems a bad idea as our esteemed DrCurry pointed out
engineer1, May 26 2004

       What's the point? You have to be drunk to blow into the skin of a dead goat anyway.
bobad, May 26 2004

       MikeO, for some historical reason I can't remember, the bagpipes are used at nearly every funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. Americans can't help but get misty eyed at Amazing Grace.
dentworth, May 26 2004


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