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Bagpipes Drone

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Bagpipes Drone is the hybrid device that results when these two unique technologies of modern drone and traditional bagpipe are combined together to form a new instrument.

The lower part of the instrument remains very similar, but instead of the stiffened vertical pipes on traditional bagpipes, that deliver the musical sounds, there are a set of flexible tubes with concertina sections that run skywards, like an assending umbilical cord. These are held in variable height positions by a hovering drone. The hum of the drone's engine is adjusted in pitch so that it reinforces the background base note of the bagpipes.

The outcome of all of this results in the bagpipe sound being able to be delivered to specific locations. For example, on a summer day, a street player could send the drone upwards to entertain office workers in a low rise building, positioning it outside of an open window so that the wailing of the pipes fills the office space.

Specific people could also be serenaded as they walked along, with the drone hovering above them as the connected musician follows some distance behind.

note - Bagpipe Drone comes with a minder, who operates the drone but also wields a heavy cudgel to protect the player.

xenzag, Dec 08 2017


       // wields a heavy cudgel to protect the player. //   

       We don't doubt your sincerity, but we would very much like to read the explanation of how a heavy cudgel can be used to protect a bagpiper against a sustained bombing attack using 500kg JDAM munitions, supported by repeated salvoes from MLRS, then followed up by three armoured divisions in echelon with specific rules of engagement that just read "Kill them all. Do it now. Spare not even the children, lest the evil persist".
8th of 7, Dec 08 2017

       I'm composing a modern bagpipe operatic just for you....
xenzag, Dec 08 2017

       Thankyou, we are eager for the details.   

       Anything that offers the prospect of drawing bagpipers out into the open, so that they can be targeted, gets our votes.   

       Actually, from the idea title, we had hoped that the proposal was for a vast fleet of UAVs, programmed to deploy lethal force against any target that matches the accoustic signature of bagpipes, or anything that could develop into the accoustic signature of bagpipes, or even those tins of shortbread with a picture of bagpipes on them, even if the tin is on the back shelf of a shed and is used for storing rusty woodscrews.
8th of 7, Dec 08 2017

       An EM drive/bagpipe combination would be interesting..
not_morrison_rm, Dec 09 2017


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