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Bagpipe Drone "Skeet" Shooting

What, no skeet-shooting category?
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The title pretty much says it all. The drone would be launched from a modified skeet-launching device, and would include a bagpipe and appropriate hardware for inflating it (well, drones can have a plentitude of air-moving propellers already...), and for playing it automatically.

Because of its size, this drone needs to be launched rather further away from the shooter, than a normal skeet. Other than that, the goal is the same, to shoot the thing down. For those annoyed by the sound of a bagpipe, this should be an especially desirable goal.

An alternative goal might be to shoot the bagpipe bag without shooting the drone. The "skeets" will cost a lot less, that way, if the drones can be re-used.

Vernon, May 01 2015

Confusing use of "drone" presumably intentional? http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Bagpipes#Drone
[calum, May 06 2015]


       Oh god, he mentioned b******s...
not_morrison_rm, May 01 2015

       Kind of like the military airplane towing the target for the gunner to practice on ?   

       Since we're now beginning a generation that's going to need to know how to shoot down drones, I guess this may be a good idea. But with the bagpipes a blind shooter could hit the target.
normzone, May 01 2015

       [+] For target practice. Send 'em up.
cudgel, May 01 2015

       Thinking about it, no one has done much research into B******s once they go faster than the speed of sound...or perhaps it's all in Area 52?
not_morrison_rm, May 02 2015

       // , the goal is the same, to shoot the thing down. //   

       <quiet giggling>   

       <Click of breechblocks on 2cm FlAK 38 Flakvierling>
8th of 7, May 02 2015


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