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Baked Bulb

label for links to realized ideas
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I found a heavily bunned but dated reality TV show idea here in the halfbakery called "1970s House" that I linked to the site of the recent MTV series "The 70s House." When a halfbakery post is found to be significantly baked, a link that leads to the proof could be highlighted by a special symbol. I'm thinking an inverted lightbulb, but open to other concepts. Tagging a link with a 'Baked Bulb' could only be done by [jutta] or [moderator].
Cube, Jan 27 2006

1970s House 1970s_20House
halfbaked [Cube, Jan 27 2006]

The 70s House http://www.mtv.com/..._house/series.jhtml
baked [Cube, Jan 27 2006]


       Thinking in sweeping (hypothetical) generalities here, but in order for something to get the 'official' bulb of approval, what should the criteria be?
zen_tom, Jan 27 2006

       Why a bulb? Maybe we could have a chefs hat?, or a microwave oven? Oven Gloves??   

       Actually, if ideas are really-really baked, they are usually mfd'd (Marked for deleti0n) and removed at some point....
Minimal, Jan 27 2006

       This is good, but it should only be applied to older ideas that have been baked, not an idea that can be marked "widely known to exist". So, to sum up, ideas that were on the HB before they were baked, yes, ideas that are freshly posted despite their real life existence, no.
PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006

       Just posting a link on the idea with a caption of "now baked" or something along those lines would serve the same purpose and involve no moderator involvement.   

       And I can't see there being enough ideas like the linked one to warrant the effort. Although there was that TV show linked on something a while ago where they made cream cheese rings and the anti-ouch lego system. Also, there's a spork somewhere around here.   

       <Wanders off mumbling and considering creating the user account of [moderator]>
hidden truths, Jan 27 2006

pashute, Aug 14 2011


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