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Double vote for link markings for old ideas

age discrimination for links
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I think an old link that has been flagged for deletion is far more likely than a new link to be a bad link. I propose that links posted 5 or more years from the present time have MDF votes/question marks doubled.
Voice, Feb 27 2011


       Really? This would do anything for you? I find that pretty much if there's a question mark next to it, it's probably broken. I don't really need an indicator of how likely that is.   

       There are no "MFD votes". The idea either gets deleted by a moderator or it doesn't; if there's a marked-for-deletion tag on something, you may be able to do some good by explaining it, or arguing about it, but just piling on doesn't do a damn thing.
jutta, Feb 28 2011

       I had a really clever note to add to one link, but the margin wasn't big enough
Dub, Feb 28 2011


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