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Baked Calendar

Calendar with baked ideas hilighted
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--OK Halfbakery's been around long enough that there's probably a baked idea for every day of the year. Soooo let's have one of those tear-off-a-day calendars with a baked idea on each one. Good for the inventor, good for halfbakery, yes?
Steamboat, Sep 18 2007

A Suitable Location A_20Really_2c_20Rea...lf-Baked_20Calendar
Subject to jutta's note on copyright. [DrCurry, Sep 18 2007]

bigsleep's recipe as a link http://www.halfbake...0year_2e:t=Calendar
I don't think the sorting by votes makes any difference - the idea timestamps are second granularity, even though only dates are printed. [jutta, Sep 19 2007]


       Would January 1 be "Baked Calendar"?
teedyay, Sep 18 2007

       Where would you put the [annotate] button?
egbert, Sep 18 2007

       we wouldn't get it done until next year! and i'm not patient...
k_sra, Sep 18 2007

       I'm for it, would you need permission from the authors? There are numerous publishing websites. I can't imagine it would take that long.
dentworth, Sep 18 2007

       Yes, of course you would need permission from the authors. This is like any other publishing endeavour.
jutta, Sep 18 2007

       You missed "and (Baked = true) " in the WHERE statement. And you'd be better off comparing the day of the year.
DrCurry, Sep 18 2007

       Shouldn't this be under [halfbakery: calendar]? (I posted this when it was in a different section)
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 18 2007

jutta, Sep 19 2007

       It would be nice to see a "this date in history" function, that could combine all, say, October 21st ideas from all years the bakery has existed, and have that appear as part of the standard menus on the left side.
shapu, Sep 19 2007


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