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Semi-Annual 'Promote the HB' Week

Break out your HB shirts, your MFD bumper counterstickers, and your HB croissant and fishbone stickers.
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Title and description line pretty much say it all.
21 Quest, Nov 28 2012


       "Honk If You HalfBaked Last Night"

8th of 7, Nov 28 2012

       If bakesperson really wanted that it wouldn't take much to viralize the halfbakery. Likely the result would be users desigining viral ideas instead of the often charming stuff that appears.

       However this idea is for more of a meatspace marketing campaign which is likely not effective. I see websites everywhere in meatspace and never visit them.
rcarty, Nov 28 2012

       Doesn't need to have the website URL anywhere. Just random things like your favorite idea titles, or the croissant/fishbone yinyang, that people might be curiously tempted to look up on Google and be directed to the HB. For instance, 'croissant fishbone yinyang', 'croissant and fish bone', 'croissant and fish skeleton' all lead to the HB when searched on Google. 'Film Noir Home', 'Bounce Tower', and 'Tuff Guy First Aid Kit', 'Vagina Jam', and 'Tails for All' also all lead to HB links.

       I'm thinking about getting a white baseball cap with either the HB logo or the yingyang on the front, the word 'Halfbaker' across the leading edge of the bill and my username stitched on the velcro strap across the back.
21 Quest, Nov 28 2012

       That's pretty badass, but I'm thinking about getting each letter of HALF tattooed onto each finger below the knuckles of my left hand, and the same with BAKE on my right hand.
rcarty, Nov 28 2012

       Nice. That'd go great with one of those wraparound-the-throat tats saying 'Not the happy cuddle club'
21 Quest, Nov 28 2012

       Hey, I just realized that RIFHMAO is just the right number of letters for one of those vanity plates!

       You're welcome.   

       Gotta get me wunadem...
21 Quest, Nov 28 2012

       Yay! Even if it's just for us...it's very bunderful! +

       // "Honk If You HalfBaked Last Night" //
xandram, Nov 29 2012

       Spot on Quester, feel free to promote til you turn blue. +
blissmiss, Nov 30 2012

       Oh I plan to.
21 Quest, Dec 01 2012

       I can't shake the feeling that it should be "Honk if you halfboke last night.".
nineteenthly, Dec 02 2012

       Or, "Honk if you gave a bone tonight"?
blissmiss, Dec 02 2012

       "You've gotten boned. That's good. It means you've stood up for something."
21 Quest, Dec 02 2012

       Or that you got bent over something.
rcarty, Dec 02 2012

       //Honk if you halfboke// - "boke" is a kind of Scottish allusion to nausia, so this might not work as internationally as might be hoped.
zen_tom, Dec 03 2012

       "Baked" is the correct Imperfect declension of "to bake"; We have baked/we are baked, we baked, we had baked (Perfect, Imperfect, Pluperfect).

       "boke" is a feeble and ultimately futile attempt to extrapolate a regular verb from an irregular one, and doomed to failure.
8th of 7, Dec 03 2012


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