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Baker's Helper Website (in the oven)

A jumpsite with links to patents searches, energy technology, perpetual motion, etc.
  [vote for,

The purpose of the proposed site is two-fold: first, to help Halfbakers (especially new ones) find out if their shiny new idea is actually an old tarnished one; and second, to provide links to information that might be of use to an innovator trying to research a concept.

[addendum: The proposed site ought to include a listing of surprising things that are baked--like flatulence-absorbing seat cushions--and which keep turning up on the Halfbakery. And yes, there will be a link to the HB, I just tossed up a very skeletal site for starters.]

If the group thinks this might be valuable I'll go ahead and construct the site. You can view a minimalist version at the link below; I apologize for the extremely annoying popups--there's been a bit of a misunderstanding that I need to hash out with the host.

Dog Ed, Jun 10 2001

(???) Stale Pastry Shelf http://frogshop.hyp...et/stalepastry.html
As described above. [Dog Ed, Jun 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

MatWeb, the Online Materials Information Resource http://www.matweb.com/
Something like this would be helpful. [bookworm, Jun 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Wacky Patent of the Month http://colitz.com/site/wacky.htm
My contribution to the cause...Have found a couple of pre-baked things here <like the centrifugal baby birth assistance device>... [StarChaser, Jun 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) What to do when you call tech support. http://web.tampabay...rchsr/happytech.htm
For the fastest and least aggravating service. [StarChaser, Jun 10 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

How Stuff Works http://www.howstuffworks.com/
A useful resource for halfbakers. [DrBob, Mar 03 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Stale Pastry Shelf, archived version https://wayback.arc...80/stalepastry.html
Surprisingly difficult to get to without this direct link—it keeps trying to redirect you away, on the way there. Links on the page should go to archived versions of those pages too. [notexactly, Jul 15 2017]

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       Voted for because it's a good idea, voted against because of 'tribe'. So it came out neutral.   

       You're right, those are really annoying...I do like the idea, though...
StarChaser, Jun 10 2001

       I was just about to post something like this myself under the name "Halfbaker's Guide"... but I like yours better.   

       Suggestion: if there's any materials-science FAQs, put them up. Most of the "magic" ideas lately seem to be applications of a material with heretofore unseen properties, and seem to assume that the stuff is sitting in 3M's basement or that it can be easily designed once we give them the specs. AI and genetic engineering primers might be a good idea as well.
bookworm, Jun 10 2001

       This gets my vote just for the link to that Italian site that has taken up my time for almost the past hour.....
Susen, Jun 10 2001

       StarChaser: OK, the offensive word is expunged.   

       bookworm: Yes, properties of materials is a must.   

       Post any links you think are appropriate, or email them to me. Unless there's a compelling reason to do otherwise, the site will remain a sorted list of links and a few FAQs, nothing fancy.
Dog Ed, Jun 10 2001

       Balance tipped both for the removal of the offensive word, and for gratuitous use of 'expunge'.   

       Almost tipped back for miscapitalizing my name, though...<later> Much better, thanks. <grin>   

       Should have a big blinking red thing that says "NANITES DON'T EXIST", and "BIOENGINEERING IS IMPOSSIBLE". Pedants may add 'currently' to either or both.
StarChaser, Jun 10 2001, last modified Jun 11 2001

       What, no link to the Halfbakery?
PotatoStew, Jun 10 2001

       You need to deframe your "Online patent database" link. Point directly to the USPTO, not the About.com wrapper.
egnor, Jun 11 2001

       this is idea is sooo baked! see link. ;o)   

       one croissant, coming up...
mihali, Jun 11 2001

       Is this a vain attempt to get people to beat PeterSealy to the 'Bake' button?
If so, it gets my vote!!
goff, Jun 11 2001

       No link to Google?
hippo, Jun 11 2001

       psst Dog Ed... Bakers' - not - Baker's
thumbwax, Jun 11 2001

       Might have been singular. Like "Mother's Little Helpers." No?
jutta, Jun 11 2001

       PeterSealy: Y'know, I'd never checked the HB links page! The Baker's Helper could be an adjunct, I suppose. There's room for a couple of slightly different concepts: I'm interested in properties of materials and current best technology in photovoltaics, for instance, and the HB links don't really speak to that.   

       All and sundry: Yes, links back to the Halfbakery, to Google, and Dogpile are on the way. You must be patient; I am mid-workweek and not able to revise and upload versions of the page very often.   

       [Don't Halfbakers often work alone--so Baker's would be singular. How about a bit of Javascript to randomly switch between the plural and singlular?]
Dog Ed, Jun 11 2001

       The HB Helper site is now free of those stupid pop-up ads. I've also added the links suggested on this page and a few others (mihali's sci.chem link from another topic, for instance). There aren't many links for innovative art, and as I'm singularly uninformed I'd appreciate suggestions in that area--benfrost, jutta, Rods Tiger, anyone?
Dog Ed, Jun 16 2001

       How about the new section of my website for people who want to complain about tech support?
StarChaser, Jun 16 2001

       What does complaining about tech support have to do with inventions?
jutta, Jun 16 2001

       Somehow I missed this one till just now...   

       The answer to your question is that I've seen several ideas here for punishing tech support.
StarChaser, Mar 03 2002

       link added.
DrBob, Mar 03 2002

       What happened to An Halfbakers Helper Dog ed? It was the pinnacle of one stop shopping for getting up to speed for us uneducated slobs.
I was looking forward to the coming years needed to peruse the various links and favorite sites and now I find myself spinning my wheels in search engine limbo.
The assistance that your site rendered to those of us that fell through the scholastic cracks was worth its weight in virtual gold.
Is there any chance at all that it could be resurrected?



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