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1/6th bakery

The next next generation
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HB just for babeys who have just learnt the alfebet (requiers computer and computer adimision)
crash, Mar 25 2008

Halfbakery Jr Halfbakery_20Jr_2e
Kinda ironic. [skinflaps, Mar 26 2008]


       + too cute!
xandram, Mar 25 2008

       As [Babybish] I was known to create "diabolical inventions"* in Lego. I would have loved the 1/6th bakery.   

       * A term I learned at an early age from watching 'The Incredible Hulk' cartoons. The Leader (bad guy) always invented some terrible device to take over the world...
Jinbish, Mar 25 2008

       What if they haven't learned the whole alphabet? There could be a site just like Halfbakery where the letters v, w, x, y, and z aren't allowed.
phundug, Mar 25 2008

       ah come on, give him his own account. He could be [eleventeenthly]!
xandram, Mar 25 2008

       My daughter too. Nine.
A kinder/junior bakery would be just the thing.

       My son is nine and has his own account (which I supervise). So far he hasn't offended anyone or flooded the place with loads of rubbish and he cleans up all his own [m-f-d]'d ideas - unlike some much older users.   

       I'd rather he was here using his brain than playing yet another "Wizards Fight Knights In A Flash Landscape Quest" thingy.
wagster, Mar 26 2008

       Just give him some time. Things happen of their own accord, and if he keeps having halfbaked ideas, he'll know where to put them. (unless of course you use the old *You can't go on *that* website...*) which might speed up the process.
xandram, Mar 26 2008

       (sniffs with his head down) but dada, me wove de wizrd fight the wowears gam thngy
crash, Mar 26 2008

       Bun just for [crash]s anno ^ - nicely put!
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 26 2008


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