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apples for peace

Peace apples for profit
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I've done work picking apples, and I found out something interesting. You can put stickers on the apples and they don't ripen under the stickers, see? so what you can do, is get some stickers in the shape of piece signs... I think you know how the rest goes, just imagine how much those apples will sell at peace rallies/protests...
Skip, Mar 28 2003


       So you have to eat peace?
Suggested category: Public:Political Protest
Cedar Park, Mar 28 2003

       Wouldn't it reduce the overall quality of the apple? How big would the sticker have to be?   

       I smell a business opportunity.. *sniff sniff*   

       croissant for the idea.   

       //Addendum for Cedar Park //   

       No, you throw it at the people who refuse to protest peacefully. Maybe they will get the idea.
QuisCat, Mar 28 2003

       Methinks that the apples will end up being thrown at police and others trying to break up out-of-control protests. Peace (+). Peace fruit, (-).
Cedar Park, Mar 28 2003

       Freedom apples?
Cedar Park, Mar 28 2003

       And the pro-war demonstrators will throw pomegranates?
FarmerJohn, Mar 28 2003

       No, prickly pears.
hippo, Mar 28 2003

       I thought apples were baked.
-alx, Mar 28 2003

       Erm, this has been baked for a long time in Japan. They put stickers of Japanese characters on apples and pears.   

       They also make:   

       * square apples (grown in a box),   

       * freakily identical strawberries (exactly same size, shape, flavor, texture, number of seeds),   

       * Small melons in red satin boxes that cost about a hundred bucks a pop (I'm talking about fruit)   

       These guys practically worship fruit.   

       Anyway, that's not to say your idea peace apples aren't original or aren't going to sell.   

       Why not try it? It won't cost more than a season's crop for one tree plus some sticky tape. You can even make cider if it doesn't work out.   

       But don't sell them in the USA, or people will think you're French.
FloridaManatee, Mar 28 2003

       but apples are so tempting, people would eat them instead of throwing them at the police and Bush will continue to ignore the U.N. and take over the muslim world.   

       Maybe lemons would work o_o, people don't eat lemons and nobody brings pancakes to a demonstration, they are much too floppy.
0_owaffleo_0, Mar 28 2003


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