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Bane vs. Bean

One is a sinister, sociopathic madman, bent on leaving a city-wide path of destruction in his wake, who is foiled by an arch-nemesis that drives a famous, mysterious car. The other is Bane.
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<big bad evil boss with thick accent> "Now that we have Batman's fingahprints, we can blow up the batcave, crash the stock mahket, and say goodbye to Wayne Industries forevah! An Oye have the perfect man in my moind for this job. Baene! You know 'em?" <underling, quizzically> "Bean? Uh, I think so. You want HIM?" <bbebwta>"Oye do. No man gets into Batman's head more. No man is as cunning and ruthless. No more time for questions. Now, go get me Baene!"

<later. somewhere in Highbury>"Hello?" <underling>"Hello. Is this Bean? I have a job for you..." "a job?! Teddy! I have a new job!" "Who is there with you! Don't tell anyone!" "Right... shhhh..."

Bean goes on to get involved in the plans of a Gotham criminal mastermind. The big bad boss with the heavy accent discovers the mistake, and Bean now must be silenced before he gets the truth to the police. Bane is brought in to the picture, but is defeated by Bean stuffing Teddy into his accidentally-damaged gas tube.

RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2020

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       Tell me about Bean. Does he wear the mask?
sninctown, Sep 09 2020

       Zed: "Bring out the Bean".   

       Maynard: "But the Bean's sleepin' "   

       Zed: "Well, I guess you're gonna have to go wake him up now, won't you?"
8th of 7, Sep 09 2020

       "But sir, he sleeps very soundly. Waking him up involves invoking a diabolical machine!"
RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2020


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