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blockbuster exposé

A trilogy, two in the making, and a multimillion dollar film
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A trilogy of that programming script that comes before or after the movie.

The first would be of forming ideas, gaining money and planing. This would include getting the teams together - sound, casting, filming, special effects. The story board ideas could juxtaposition against finished film snippets. Will it happen or won't it?

The second would be the coming together of location and preparation. Human interest stories, extras' work with interviews. On location special effects and makeup work. Logistics of gear and people to pull off a large scale filming would also be shown. More tantalizing film shots. Don't forget editing. The danger, the problems and the grind.

Finally the flowing cohesive movie but from slightly varied angles not shown in previous two episodes. Would the multi-million dollar film still suspend your belief and be entertainment?

So in short, more cameras everywhere capturing everything and everyone. NB Probably more of a documentary with an imaginative outcome.

wjt, Jan 05 2015


       Why do I suspect something roughly similar to this has been done? "The Producers", maybe?
Vernon, Jan 05 2015

       or some of the other 750million google hits. mfd.
FlyingToaster, Jan 05 2015

       But not a trilogy. {smiles}
wjt, Jan 05 2015


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