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I would "write" this book if I had the budget
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A large format illustrated book.

About 10 or 12 chapters.

Each chapter covers a single meal at a single venue. e.g. Ch. 1, State Banquet at Buckingham Palace.

As well as a couple of double-page photographs giving a general view of the room, with the table fully laden, there would be 10-12 pages of close-up details of individual dishes and groups, artfully photographed in situ.

All of the food would be prepared specially for the photoshoot by the best chefs available, and served on the venue's best tableware.

Each chapter would have a couple of paragraphs or less of text summarising the venue and the type of banquet held there.

pocmloc, Jan 30 2011

a similar book here http://cgi.ebay.com...story-/160538297906
[xandram, Jan 31 2011]


       I would be very much surprised if this didn't already exist, probably sponsored by Ferraro Rochet. If not, it should, so provisional [+].   

       I'd much prefer to read a historical version though, with the kind of banquet enjoyed by the likes of Henry VIII or Louis XIV.
marklar, Jan 30 2011

       [Marklar], that would be great but would be even more expensive and impractical - since the point of this idea would be not to read about each banquet, but to gaze longingly at luscious large format colour photographs of them. Perhaps that could be "Banquets vol II".
pocmloc, Jan 31 2011

       [+] The best would be a top ten or twenty from history.
FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2011

       Too bad there wasn't a photoshoot at The Last Supper...
xandram, Jan 31 2011

       //even more expensive and impractical// Not by much though. It's the same, but with costumes.
marklar, Jan 31 2011

       Oh I meant to say, there would of course be no people in these photographs. Just the heaving table full of orgiastic dishes, and yourself as the drooling voyeur. Other guests would spoil the secret slavering, while the staff are of course utterly discrete.
pocmloc, Jan 31 2011


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