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Burnt food recipe book

recipe book for burnt food
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You know the drill... you are cooking a delicious recipe and then you start thinking of a halfbakery idea and start writing it up and then you start to sniff the glorious products of maillard reactions and Bollox, your food is burning. The subtle flavours and texture of your dish ruined beyond repair.

This is the moment you are glad you have the Burnt food recipe book on your kitchen shelf. You pull it down and consult it. Its chapters are organised by the type of burning, and within that by the type of dish. Have you boiled a soup dry so that it has started to burn and stick to the bottom of the pan? turn to chapter 7, "boiled dry", and within that to the section on soups, stews and stocks. There you will find helpful suggestions for barbecue flavoured soups, changes of menu such as smokey stews, and even unusual transformations like "pan-peeling shaving salad".

Never waste a burned meal again. Discover new and tasty treats you never expected to enjoy.

pocmloc, Jul 28 2023

How to Repair Food https://www.amazon....eryck/dp/158008432X
[a1, Jul 28 2023]


       Chapter One: Gateaux à la mode du roi Alfred [+]
pertinax, Jul 28 2023

       [+] I wonder whether this could be extended to oversalted and stale food, new styles for improperly stitched clothing, and 50 uses for an old carpet.
Voice, Jul 28 2023

       Love it!
21 Quest, Jul 28 2023

       Clever. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jul 28 2023

       [+] Oh what to do with that Creme Napalm in the air fryer.
minoradjustments, Jul 28 2023

       Approved +
xenzag, Jul 28 2023

       (+) Cajun.   

       It's not burnt, it's made with dark ingredients!   

       Actually, I remember seeing this book; it had "Food Repair" in the title and something about "kitchen catastrophes" in the subtitle. On the other hand, my memory sometimes is not the most reliable thing around.
lurch, Jul 28 2023

       Great idea but as [lurch] pointed out - it's been done. The linked title promises   

       "...witty, accessible, and often ingenious solutions to mishaps that befall even the best of cooks, (and) the alphabetical listings (from Abalone to Zucchini) are designed to rescue any dish from the brink of disaster."
a1, Jul 28 2023

       Very useful when one tires of playing Takeout and tries playing Kitchen. [+]
whatrock, Jul 29 2023

       + oh for sure. Is there a chapter on how to clean the pots and pans afterward?
xandram, Jul 31 2023

       Chapter 13: Clean Up   

       1. Set pans to soak... near the roadway... on Garbage Pickup day.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 31 2023

       If you have a full set of angle grinder wheels and a shot blaster with a selection of nozzles and grades of shot, there is very little that you can't get off the bottom of the pan.
pocmloc, Jul 31 2023

       [poc], that is so true. I said what I said for comedic effect. Truth is, I have refurbished pans that others had burnt to a crisp, including several fine previously-warped cast iron pans. Can't tell you how I refurbished them--ancient Masonic pan-saving secret.
Sgt Teacup, Jul 31 2023

       You used some cleaning spray?
Voice, Jul 31 2023

       Shooting it with a 4/10 loaded with rock-salt shells and a prodigiously smeared dollop of Lard afterwards?   

       Please don't look at me like that. The Grandpappy I only met when I was a kid assures me that it works just fine.   


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