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Base F1 championship on aggregate time

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In the same way that the Tour de France bicycle race winner is decided on the aggregate time over the 21 individual stages, the car racing F1 championship should be decided, not on the sum of points awarded for each race, but on the aggregate time over all the races.

This might lead to a slightly fairer competition, but the really important thing is that it adds a bit of complication to a very boring sport, and fans love complex rules to disagree about with each other.
hippo, Apr 27 2021

Upside down https://www.planean...sts/upside-down.jpg
[pocmloc]s suggestion reminded me of this... [neutrinos_shadow, May 04 2021]


       //well, there's no helping golf,//   

       Golf on TV mystifies me. "swish-plink!... as you can't see from the flight of that rapidly moving sub-pixel object that's a great drive... we think."   

       I think this is a good idea btw. Maybe the way to do it is to make it part of the constructor's championship. I think they're the ones who need the incentive. Drivers seem motivated enough to go as fast as possible all the time, it's the teams that are all about turning the engine down for reliability or saving components for the next race.
bs0u0155, Apr 27 2021

       Individual scores/times is largely a waste of time in these races. F1 (to a lesser degree) and especially the Tour de France (as mentioned by [a1] are team sports now. So all scores etc should be awarded to the team, not an individual.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 27 2021

       Now that ever-more-stringent rules are being used to restrict the engine power of race cars we should instead allow them to become much more powerful, but dictate an external frame for safety. Up next: the bumper 500!
Voice, Apr 27 2021

       //Tour de France// //restrict the engine power of race cars// Pedal-car F1
pocmloc, Apr 28 2021

       [pocmloc] Excellent idea!
[neutrino] Yes, Tour de France is a team competition, but what makes it interesting is that there are lots of simultaneous competitions and motivations happening, which sometimes work for and sometimes against one another. So a team may go there to win the team points competition, or to support their leader in winning the overall yellow (aggregate time), green (points - won for end-of-stage placings, and intermediate sprints), or polka-dot (mountain climbing) jerseys, or their ambition might be to get one or two stage wins, or to win the team or individual time-trial, or even just to regularly get in the day's breakaway (and hence get lots of TV coverage for their sponsors). Many riders will consider their Tour de France a success if they escape being picked up by the Broom Wagon.
hippo, Apr 28 2021

       This is a fine idea but what I would like to see is for F1 tracks to include one "loop-de-loop" and possibly one "wall-ride" (90deg cambered corner).
sninctown, May 04 2021

       [sninctown] I'm sure I've read somewhere that the downforce generated by the aerodynamics of an F1 car travelling at high speed is so great that it would be able to drive upside-down. So I agree, some loops, some tunnels where you have to do a 'barrel-roll', driving up the walls and onto the ceiling of the tunnel - or maybe just have half the circuit upside-down?
hippo, May 04 2021

       Yes, 'down' is a relative term - it always acts to increase the force from the tyres onto the surface the tyres are on thus creating more gription (q.v.).
hippo, May 04 2021

       //downforce generated by the aerodynamics of an F1 car travelling at high speed is so great that it would be able to drive upside-down.//   

       It's all fun and games until a bump unsticks the front end momentarily. Or a tire goes.
bs0u0155, May 04 2021

       And then it's even more fun!
Voice, May 04 2021

       Make the wheels taller than the body; Add a tip-switch to detect local "down", which actuates a direction-reverse gearbox in the drive train, and a solenoid to flip the driver compartment (or have it gimballed). The it doesn't matter if the car flips.
pocmloc, May 04 2021

       [pocmloc] very clever - I can see nothing that could possibly go wrong with that set-up
hippo, May 04 2021


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