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Electric F1

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A circuit race in the mode of Formula 1 or NASCAR, where all the cars are 100% electric. Pit stops would be used to swap out the batteries
simonj, Apr 29 2012

F1 EasyFit Digital Plug http://www.scalextr...syfit-digital-plug/
"Vroom" [skinflaps, Apr 30 2012]

for big kids! big_20kids_20scalextric_20racing
[po, Apr 30 2012]

For [UnaBubba] http://www.grinderg...ull/le_merid113.jpg
She's not the only 'grinder girl' out there. She's not even the first. [Alterother, May 01 2012]


       Nice but... lots of electric races have been proposed. If you Google "electric formula 1" you'll get lots of hits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2012

       Oh, I think we can make allowances for [simonj]'s idea... however, this will involve pit stops not so much being to swap out batteries but for the car to be recharged instantly with a massive bolt of electricity, similar to a lightning strike.   

       That would be worth watching.
UnaBubba, Apr 29 2012

       Can't the cars be powered by overhead pickups, in the same way that dodgems are powered?
hippo, Apr 30 2012

       Or even better, brushless pickups. That way you get less friction AND huge arcs of high voltage eckletricity.
erenjay, Apr 30 2012

       Life size slot cars?   

       NiCad batteries can be recharged in a flash with an arc welder... I have a feeling lithium ones tend to explode when given the same treatment though.
mitxela, Apr 30 2012

       There's only one way to find out.
hippo, Apr 30 2012

       //Life sized slot cars?// Overtaking is for the weak.
erenjay, Apr 30 2012

       // There's only one way to find out. //   

       Underwriter's Laboratories already has, no doubt. Gods, I would love to work there.
Alterother, Apr 30 2012

       Or try Life-sized Matchbox tracks, with rubber-band launch action.
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2012

       Wait, wait, wait... This is a seriously good idea, let's not turn it into a list of upscaled-toy proposals.   

       I know there is an electric drag racing association of some type here in the US. I really like the idea of electric open- wheel racing, with the cars independent of any kind of rail, runner, or trace.   

       Ever since I discovered the unbelievable amount of torque that an electric forklift or carry-deck can crank out (we used to tow full-sized freight cars across the shop with them), I've toyed with the idea of an all-electric 4x4 rock crawler. Only problem I can forsee is running out of juice in an unfortunately remote place; I'd need one hella long extension cord.
Alterother, Apr 30 2012

       It is a seriously good idea, but I contend (with no disrespect to [simonj]) that the idea of electric racing (including so-called "Formula 1") has been widely circulated already.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2012

       With hundreds of van der Graaf generators along pit lane.
UnaBubba, Apr 30 2012

       "He's in the pit, crew's over the wall..."   

       Vreeoooo, vrew, vrew!   

       "...looks like they've gone with a full tire change..."   


       "...and now for the charge...   


       "Wow, that almost got away from them, but it's alright and he's away clean in... 11.3 seconds! A new track record and just an incredible performance by this veteran pit crew. Let's go trackside with Maria..."
Alterother, Apr 30 2012

AusCan531, May 01 2012

       Can-Ampere Series?
UnaBubba, May 01 2012

       Charging down the straight...
AusCan531, May 01 2012

       Actually, this would be a very interesting application for dynamic motivators, given the extreme braking forces the cars apply going into corners. I think weight is the major hurdle to overcome here.
Alterother, May 01 2012

       // Gods, I would love to work there //   

       Not as much as you would love working at BASEEFA, where it's Christmas every day …   

       What happens if you're competing in the Classic Sports category and your DeLorean hits 88 mph … ?
8th of 7, May 01 2012


       I'm really not so much into stuff that blows up. I've found plenty of novel ways to get hurt without messing around with bombs.   

       I'm pretty much a one-man destructive test platform, though. I don't abuse tools, but I expect the most out of them and often find their limits. I've lost track of how many angle grinders I've burned out (Milwaulkees especially; they suck), except for my little DeWalt that I got in school. It seems to live a charmed life. I'm a regular claimant of the Craftsman guarantee.   

       // What happens if you're competing in the Classic Sports category and your DeLorean hits 88 mph … ? //   

       You get your doors blown off by a Ferrari Daytona doing about 110, that's what.
Alterother, May 01 2012

       4in for the fingers, 9in for the toes?
UnaBubba, May 01 2012

       //I've lost track of how many angle grinders I've burned out (Milwaulkees especially; they suck)//
No, you're confusing them with the vacuum cleaner
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 01 2012

       Probably best not to use an angle grinder near one's genitals.
UnaBubba, May 01 2012

       Have I got a <link> for you.
Alterother, May 01 2012

       Good link [Alter]. You hadn't previously said how you'd been burning out all those angle grinders. Have you considered a correspondence course on lock picking?
AusCan531, May 01 2012

       I wondered how she got that nasty cut.
UnaBubba, May 01 2012

       Due to the necessary delay of electrochemical reaction transition times, you really can't charge a battery this way; it would simply fry just inside the terminals. A capacitor, perhaps, if you don't melt the contacts in the process.
RayfordSteele, May 02 2012


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