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Baseball Cap Bird Feeder

feed hungry birds using your baseball cap
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The peak of Baseball Cap Bird Feeder has a little perch at the end, and if you stand very still small birds may land on it to feed from the seed dispenser built into the front of the cap, then drink some water from the shallow egg cup sized container beside it. An automatic camera records all of the encounters.
xenzag, Aug 06 2023

They need to be wearing bird feeder hats https://www.google....ird+crap+on+a+staue
[a1, Aug 06 2023]

Not exactly the same. https://www.thebird...ltimate-feeder-mask
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 06 2023]

The Far Side - How to feed(?) wildlife https://www.thefarside.com/2023/08/10/0
Though if intent to feeding the animals, Larson got his wrong & right labels mixed up [a1, Aug 10 2023]


       “If you stand very still…” Birds may mistake you for a statue, and use your head in the same way.
a1, Aug 06 2023

       That's ok too.
xenzag, Aug 06 2023

       This product should be baked and sold to professional baseball leagues at exorbitant prices so the outfielders would have something useful to do.
whatrock, Aug 06 2023

       [+] How about other wildlife-interactive clothing?
Voice, Aug 09 2023

       Experiments with camel coats and crocodile shoes were not promising.
pertinax, Aug 09 2023


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