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Bugzapper Hat

Kill any mosquitos that dare your millinery zone of death
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A portable beanie or wimple which has a battery-powered light and bug zapper attached. With some adjustment, the smoke from insect cremation could be made to form tiny "happy rings" as you walk.
cloudface, Dec 01 2003

VandeGraaff hat over here is similar http://www.halfbake...20de_20Graaff_20Hat
A tip of the hat to lurch [cloudface, Oct 04 2004]


       With this on, I suspect it won't just be mosquitos that dare not venture near you!
dobtabulous, Dec 01 2003

       Sure, it's dangerous. But is it ha-ha dangerous?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 01 2003

       I would love that ever present buzzing noise. I think it should get some bones but I refuse to vote against hat ideas. so buns it is. buzzzzzzzz. I think also that the problem lies not with creamation fumes but with bug gut splatter.
lizziepunkin, Dec 02 2003

       Is the voltage strong enough to (at least) stun a pigeon?
thumbwax, Dec 02 2003


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