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Basic Fridge Food airport kiosks

Been gone for a while? Get basic groceries at the airport
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Refrigerator carts - or even vending machines - should sell basic groceries at the airport (ideally, at baggage pickup, cab stands, and pay-for-parking, the places you might pause when getting home). When I've been gone long enough for the fridge to grow mold, arrive back in the evening, and have to be back at work the next morning, I do not want any extra errands between myself and bed. I don't want to get up a little early to have breakfast out, either. I'd like to get milk, cereal, coffee, and a bottle of juice to take home with me. Maybe a few sandwiches.

I could get half of this by schlepping through different airport eateries, but I don't want to, I want it all right there - maybe in a cooler bag - to take home, throw in the fridge, and be grateful for tomorrow morning while I'm sorting the mail.

I don't think I'm unusually petulant and weary, for an airport traveller. I think it would sell. I think I saw similar vending machines in the Tokyo subway.

hello_c, Jun 22 2001


       The food could come in a styrofoam ice-chest style container with a block of dry ice to keep it cool. You could choose from pre-packaged cooler assortments: milk & juice for the simple one, or add greens, meat, beverages, etc.   

       Alternatively, you could contact Kozmo from the net kiosk in the airport or the back of the cab, and have them deliver the items to your house at about the time you get there. Set up an order macro for your typical "just got home from a trip" needs, and there you go. Too bad Kozmo is out of business.
wiml, Jun 22 2001

       I'd buy it.
beauxeault, Jun 22 2001

       Or you could make this a local's trick. Show up at the bagel joint near the exit, flash your local drivers license & they'll sell you milk by the jug instead of the cup. I like the idea of having the pickup be near baggage claim.
tenhand, Jun 23 2001

       Good idea!   

       Actually, this works both ways: Those who are away/outbound [not returning home] can get a small pack with things you need on arrival:   

       1. Nail scissors taken by security   

       2. Small change in the local currency   

       3. A map of the area.   

       4. A bottle of water so you dont pay $50 for the hotel mini-bar version   

       5. A pen. Can never find one in my hand luggage.   

       6. Postcards just in case I forget to pick some up.   

       7... 8... 9.... etc. etc. Anyone with more ideas?   

not_only_but_also, Nov 27 2003

       My local airport has a 7-11. I heard it was one of the busiest in Canada.
TIB, Nov 27 2003


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