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The more democratically to rock you with my dear
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This is a combination bass drum, bass guitar, guitar and microphone that everyone in a band can be playing one of, so that it is possible to switch instruments without switching places. Would make great drum "solos" and 4 part string pieces possible too.

The bass drum would have a foot pedal and a snare on the side, and double as the sound chamber for the four bass strings which would be strung over the front of the bass drum and over a fret board that would rise from the top of the bass drum. Next to the four bass strings and against a regular guitar fret board would be strung 6 regular guitar strings, secured at machine heads that surround a microphone. There is also a mic in the bass drum. The whole thing is of course electric.

There is a bow/drum stick that fits into a pocket on the drum.

JesusHChrist, Dec 06 2015


       Trying to make something produce the quality of each individual component, sometimes suffers in the attempt to consolidate. This might be one of those times. Perhaps.
blissmiss, Dec 07 2015

       Yes otherwise you could add wheels to use it as a van to drive to gigs, and add taps and a plug hole for use in washing up afterwards.
pocmloc, Dec 07 2015

       There was an episode of some children's cartoon show (MSB? Arnold?) years ago where a character built a ridiculously complex musical instrument, and it made a horrible sound. Then a bunch of the parts fell off (on the way to a concert, maybe?) and it sounded great afterward.   

       If this bothers me enough, I'll ask /r/tipofmytongue what I'm remembering.
notexactly, Dec 07 2015


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