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Brain Beat System

Connecting mental thought to physical reality
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Alright this isn't so much an amplifier as it is a whole wave recorder converted into audio system. I know your lost I will explain.

It's starts out as a polysomnograph (system that maps and records brain waves). The Polysomnograph maps your brain waves while you are making up a musical beat in your head. The recorded waves are instantly converted into electrical waves in the polysomnograph computer. The waves are then routed into a synthesizer and played out loud in whatever crazy Casio beat you can find. The point of this invention is to cut the middleman of a musical instrument played by hand. Have you ever thought of a cool song you can play, but don't know how to play an instrument? Why pay for guitar lessons when you can play music with your mind? System can also be used on other animals. Imagine what song is stuck in a schizophrenic's head!

I predict in the future this invention can be developed into an image viewer as well. You can share with others what your imaginery friends look like. Show the FBI what the face of your rapist that is sketched in your mind looks like. Motion pictures too, you could watch your dreams and record them on tape or watch other peoples dreams! you'll never forget what happened in a dream again... or anything in your lifetime for that matter! you can show generations of family how beautiful Marry looked on your wedding night and all that you ever remembered!

All I need to make this a reality is a Neurologist that works with a polysomnograph and DJ.

Phaedrus, Sep 13 2006

Halfbakery: Dream Recorder (2001) Dream_20Recorder
Everybody wants one. [jutta, Sep 13 2006]

Listening to the Mind Listening (2004) http://www.icad.org...CAD2004/concert.htm
"A concert of ten pieces of music composed from the brain activity of a person listening to a piece of music." [jutta, Sep 13 2006]

US Patent 4,883,067 (1989) http://patft.uspto....83067&RS=PN/4883067
Neurosonics, Inc. patent for EEG music instrument. [jutta, Sep 13 2006]


       One can make music out of brainwaves - one can make music out of just about anything - but discerning their meaning isn't as easy as you make it out.   

       What you're trying to do is similar to find out the source code of a program by putting your ear next to your computer. You can tell a lot that way - you can tell wether the disk is moving, maybe even whether it's computing something (your ear gets hot) or not - but it's still a long way from there to figuring out what the program is actually doing.
jutta, Sep 13 2006

       At that stage of the system, the polysomnograph can print out waves patterns similar to a sizmograph and you can make copies of this pattern and create an Identical sound wave pattern. This is actually what polysomnographs do. Another factor I did not mention is that the frequency of the waves would need to be turned way down to a level where the human ear can here it.
Phaedrus, Sep 13 2006

       //(your ear gets hot)//   

       only if your name's in the string table.
pertinax, Sep 13 2006


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