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Bathmat in a can

sick of picking up and having to wash sodden mats outside your shower...
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my idea is simple. A can. It contains some kind of foamy substance that when sprayed at the floor, just sits there slowly chemically changing, whilst you go in for your morning shower. By the time you scrubbed all your scrubby bits, you pull back the shower curtain and Voila!!! behold the spot where the sprayed foamy stuff was, now lying there, in its transformed state, is a super absorbent(probably very lumpy and random shaped) bathmat to step on to and dry your footsies... when your finished, you just chuck it in the bin, cause youve got cans and cans of this stuff and that, my friend, makes life, just a little bit easier. course, im no chemist so ill have to hand it over to you geniouses out there as to making this Gem a reality.
Mikeynyuk, Mar 28 2005

silly string... http://www.cockeyed...e/string/silly.html
[po, Mar 28 2005]


       This was alright, right up to the point where you claimed it would make life easier.
hippo, Mar 28 2005

       My credentials as a rabid eco-warrior prevent me from bunning this. Kind of like [scout]'s idea, though my credentials as a minimalist lifestyle guru are... well, they're not, to be honest. I'm definitely sick of wringing out filthy bathmats, though.   

       Not sure I want to be making life in my bathroom. Although come to think of it...
moomintroll, Mar 28 2005

       If this were packaged shinily and had a picture of a girl dressed all fashionably like she was going clubbing, then it would be a fun product. Would probably catch on in Japan. Be kind of a luxury.
phundug, Mar 28 2005

       You know you would just leave it down there until it was trampled flat, hairy, moldy and filthy as your current bathmat is. Then I suspect you would spray a new one on top to save the bother of puttyknifing the old one up.   

       While you are baking, why not just have a tank of the stuff in the wall. You open a spigot and let it pour over the floor. When things are looking too horrible, pour on a new layer. When you started bumping your head on the ceiling you could peel it up and analyze the strata for a record of your life.
bungston, Mar 28 2005

       It could be made of soy and, while absorbent and warm to the touch, eminently biodegradable and, ultimately, more eco friendly than laundering a towel or bath mat.   

       Or, if laundry is what you want, have a long roll that mounts in a dispenser in the base of one wall and is taken up on a reel in the base of the other wall somewhat like those loop-type hand towel dispensers. You just advance the roll to the next fresh spot and send the whole roll out for laundry once a month. You could also have a soft waterproof foam pad on the floor above which the rolled surface sets so the there's some cushiness.
bristolz, Mar 29 2005

       Then someone finds a way to produce clean-burning fuel from it for the Bathmat Drive.......
normzone, Mar 29 2005


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