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Shower Shave Gel

a new nicheish product
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Several years ago I discovered the (relative) joys of shaving (the beardy bits my face) in the shower with a razor, rather than at the sink. For those that have yet to discover the benefits I'll list them:
1) you don't ever cut yourself
2) should you ever go blind, you can already shave without a mirror

My search for a good shower-shave-product has been long and fairly fruitless, I've tried every shampoo and soap in our bathroom but none are perfectly suited to the task, shave oil is useless and Gillette gel stuff gets washed off too easily. So I propose someone makes one specficially for the purpose. I'd like a vanilla flavour preferably.
neilp, May 12 2004

Could use one of these as well. http://www.halfbake...a/A_20shaving_20hat
[skinflaps, Oct 05 2004]


       Have you tried using women's shaving gel? I shave my legs in the shower all the time. Works just fine.
elven_pixie, May 12 2004

       of course! it works a bit better than the men's version but tastes really rough. It needs to be a bit more viscous even than the lady-gel as faces take a couple of sweeps of the razor (faces being a bit nooky) whereas (I presume) the leg is more of a planar surface and therefore a bit simpler (he said in no way detracting from the leg).
neilp, May 12 2004

       wow, [Zanzibar] have you tried it for the purpose outlined ?
neilp, May 12 2004

       dear [tsuka] I deleted your fine anno entirely accidently.. bloody pocket pc.. it was nothing personal !
neilp, May 12 2004

       I find regular gel works well for me in the shower if I don't keep my head under the shower head. Unfortunately, I have yet to find the shaving gel or cream that doesn't make my skin come out in big red splotches immediately afterwards. Not sure what exactly I'm allergic to, but it seems to be in all these products.
DrCurry, May 12 2004

       [DrC] - water ?
neilp, May 12 2004

       hmmmm. hugo boss seems to be quite favoured at hb hmmmm!
po, May 12 2004

       Did you try an oily product like Nivea cream? It softens the hairs too (at least mine) and stays on. Any residue will soak into the skin eventually.
kbecker, May 12 2004

       [kbecker] - I should have done so this morning, another missed opportunity - I'llhave a go tomorrow thanks for the idea.
neilp, May 12 2004

       [skinflaps] - I'm not sure the hat's such a sensible plan, in fact I thinkn if would severely limit the whole shower process.
neilp, May 12 2004

       neilp: I'm melting, melting! Oops - wrong film...
DrCurry, May 12 2004


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