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Bathroom Lifespan Scales

Show average age of death alongside weight on bathroom scales
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As an added motivation for shedding those extra kilos, the proposal is to produce Bathroom Scales that also feature an indication of the average lifespan / age of death for various weights.

I'm not quite sure how statistically valid you could get (obviously there are a lot of factors in how long you're going to live), but I'd suggest there is sufficient correlation between increased weight and reduced lifespan to validly introduce the parallel "estimated lifespan" scale.

Imagine watching those kilos go up while your estimated age of death creeps down... scary enough to make you take your health/weight more seriously.

Achenar, Mar 30 2005


       //talking scale//I can't breath, someone get this dead man off me//t.s.//
dentworth, Mar 30 2005

       You might get it calibrated to suit you after a thorough medical checkup.   

       A better option will be a watch. When that little hand creeps around twice, you have one day less left to live.
neelandan, Mar 30 2005

       <synthesized voice>
You are...eight feet...three...inches tall, or will...need a...triple bypass within...two years. <s.v.>


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