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Battery Discharge Rate Warning

Is there really no laptop:battery section?
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Oh well, this wouldn't fit in that section anyway since it's a program and not a battery.

Wunderlist is a great app but the current version has a bug; if left running in the background it will start using up 100% of the CPU, draining my laptop's battery way too fast. The first thing that tips me off about this is that the laptop starts to get really hot, but by then 10% of my battery has already been drained. What I need is a simple program that flashes a warning on the screen when the rate of discharge passes a certain point. Why not just a CPU meter you ask? Well the battery warning would also be helpful to prevent unnecessary drain from other things, like if I accidentally left the screen brightness on full or have a USB device taking tons of power. I picture it like this: I get on an airplane for a 3 hour flight and take out my laptop. I start playing a flash video and a message pops up on the screen, "Warning: you are using X Watts. At this rate your battery will be dead in 2 hours. Suggest closing X program."

DIYMatt, Sep 09 2012

Joulemeter http://research.mic...65f794/default.aspx
Says it meters application energy [4and20, Sep 12 2012]


       Yes yes, plenty of battery meters exist. This one warns you if you are consuming more than X Watts.
DIYMatt, Sep 09 2012

       // the laptop starts to get really hot //   

       Your trousers catching fire is generally considered as a reasonable indicator of some sort of thermal management issue ...
8th of 7, Sep 09 2012

       I'd like a program which tracks battery usage on a program-by-program basis, but would a warning based on CPU usage be the same thing or at least the best one can do?
4and20, Sep 09 2012

       Try using a faster airplane. Tiger moths are notoriously slow.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 10 2012

       macOS lists apps using lots of power currently in the battery menu, and in the Activity Monitor app. It doesn't report on power consumption of hardware. (The sensors are present, though. iStat menus can read them.) It doesn't alert you either.   

       Android has this, with reporting on hardware power consumption (display, radio, etc.) except for the alerts.   

       So they both have the basis for this idea, but not the actual alerts. I wouldn't be surprised if there are apps/Android ROMs/Xposed modules that add the alerts, though.
notexactly, Jul 24 2017


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