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combine a laptop with a carrying bag
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I move around with my laptop, so I'm forever repeating the following cycle :

power off, unplug power, unplug mouse (hate trackpads), unzip bag, stow laptop in bag, wind up power cable, stow in bag, stow mouse in bag, zip up bag

...and the reverse to set up the laptop again.

How about the bagtop : your laptop *is* the bag. A cunningly designed bag that holds your laptop, presents all connected cables eg power/VGA (wound around self-tightening wheels) in a zip-up pocket, and directs the hot-air vents to a handy and safe exit point. With padding, slightly-beat-up-finish, handle and retractable shoulder straps like a rucksack.

You put your bag on the desk, open the lid (side-mounted zip) and there's your computer. Unzip the port pouch, pull the plug out and plug into the wall socket. Done.

bumhat, Jan 26 2006


       Maybe have it where all the cords are threaded through the pockets and into the bag. Make the cords retractable back into their respective pockets. In this case, you don't even need special cords, the pockets could have their own retracting system.   

       This way, you can take the laptop out of the bag and set it down.   

       All the pockets are detachable from the bag. All the holes in the bag (that lead to each pocket) can be zipped open to allow cords to thread through. This allows the bag to be removed and each cord is still retracted into their respective pockets. This would cut out on cord tangling!
daseva, Jan 26 2006

       Good luck with the stupid airport security.
Aq_Bi, Jan 26 2006

       it's good - I'm sure you could make one up +
xenzag, Jan 26 2006

       You need to incorporate scaled down versions of the power cord retractors from vacuum cleaners. [++] idea.
wagster, Jan 26 2006

       Nice, so long as it's reasonably 'water resistant' (I dislike that designation, but you know what I mean :) ).
Shz, Jan 26 2006

       Very good. How 'bout an 'in-bag' docking station?
moomintroll, Jan 26 2006


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