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Battery Water

make water powered batteries during the coronavirus emergency
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Battery Water Announced today!

To help out during the Covid-19 emergency, from today the UK government has introduced battery water as a free initiative.

Until the emergency is lifted, householders will receive pre-charged mains tap water.

Here's how it works:
from 12am to 12pm beginning today, positively charged water will be delivered and from 12 mid-day until midnight, this will be complimented by negatively charged water.

The water is totally safe to drink, but to be used as a source of battery power, it should be kept in separate containers. Two small glasses will be sufficient to operate a low wattage light bulb for 20 minutes, while several gallons are needed to power a toaster.

Note - boiling the water neutralises the effect.

see illustration in link

xenzag, Apr 01 2020

Battery Water https://sodabred.tu...a-halfbaked-idea-by
for a limited time only [xenzag, Apr 01 2020]


       These waters, not run through a coiled pipe that has magnets and wiring attached, are they? I wouldn't want spoiled water.
wjt, Apr 01 2020


       "Don't cross the streams."   

8th of 7, Apr 01 2020

       Would a sip from the first delivered batch improve my personality?
whatrock, Apr 01 2020

       Isn't it a bit late for you to consider getting one ? You've managed perfectly well so far...
8th of 7, Apr 01 2020

       What if you shower at midnight?
pocmloc, Apr 01 2020

       You turn into [21Quest].   

       If you then feed him after midnight, you get [UnaBubba].   

       Be warned.
8th of 7, Apr 01 2020

       For those who failed to take up the opportunity of the Water Battery initiative yesterday, there was such a drain on the UK’s reservoirs, that the entire scheme was switched off at midnight. This means there is nothing to be gained by way of electrical storage as a result of any future timed water fillings.
xenzag, Apr 02 2020

       //battery water as a free initiative.//   

       So you’re saying that this battery water was free of charge?
AusCan531, Apr 02 2020

       <Cymbal sting/>   

       .......@....... @.......... @............
8th of 7, Apr 02 2020


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