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Bring on the new ice age!

piezo electric generation from glacial movement
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Glaciers tend to expand and contract with the seasons, causing the crevasses to open and close. So the idea is to place piezo electric generators into the crevasses of the glacier and let nature do the work!

No unsightly power stations, convenient cables for anyone misfortunate enough to fall into a crevase to use to climb out, and more jobs for people who live in the area (which, at least in France, can be some of the poorest areas around.)

scubadooper, Jun 23 2004


       there's huge amounts of energy involved in the movement of glaciers, any ability to tap into that has got to be a good thing.
scubadooper, Jun 23 2004

       But how?
Worldgineer, Jun 23 2004

       through harnessing the natural flexing of the glacier with piezo electric generators
scubadooper, Jun 23 2004

       Piezoelectrics are sort of low-power; I wonder if there's some other means we could capture the energy. Kudos for identifying an underexplored resource.
RayfordSteele, Jun 23 2004

       Okay, if a crevass full of piezoelectrics is too low power how about using the movement of the crevass to pump fuild through a turbine?
scubadooper, Jun 24 2004

       2 inches per month?
scubadooper, Jun 24 2004

       Glaciers aren't what one would call, "fast".
swimr, Jun 24 2004

       On the other hand, if each person was to build a small stone wall across a small stream anywhere they could find one, most water could be prevented from ever reaching downstream turbines.
dpsyplc, Jun 25 2004

       “So sorry the shower is cold but the glacier is slow this month.”
bristolz, Jun 25 2004

       pizoelectrics have a lot of loss over periods more than .1 seconds, I think.
my-nep, Jun 25 2004


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