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Battleship Icecubes

And others.
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I am in possession of several tiny reusable ice-cubes; that is, they are plastic molds filled with water that can be frozen, used, washed off, stuck back in the fridge, and reused at a later time. Convenient if you don't want to bother with trays. The only area I find them to be lacking in is visual appearance; unfortunately, they're all in the shape of fruits. I find myself wondering why.
Wouldn't it be slightly more interesting if they were tiny icecube battleships that would float around in your drink, and, when the ice on the inside turned to water, would sink because of the plastic covering? Or, if you wanted to get really elaborate, a little tropical island complete with a palm tree, Tom Hanks and a volleyball?
Caracal, Nov 30 2002

(?) Glowing Ice Cubes http://www.wowcools....html?p_prodid=1624
How come no one suggested that yet? [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) Um, well, I don't know how *this* one came up... http://www.bachelor...htm?CID=101&PID=168
For po. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Refreezable Logo-Ice-Cubes http://www.KOLB-IMEX-GLOBAL.com
refreezable Ice-Cubes with logo inside! [Pauli, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Given that plastic floats, I think you will not get quite the effect you are after.
DrCurry, Nov 30 2002

       Considering there are many types of plastic, maybe one that has a density slightly greater than water would work. Then when filled with ice it would float, but it would sink when filled with water. Its a cool idea (haha).
Malakh, Nov 30 2002

       At any rate, the ones that I have right now sink after the ice on the inside melts, so I have to figure Malakh is correct. They're made of a kind of semi-dense plastic - a lot like the kind used in legos and similar building blocks. Only difference being that they're transparent.
Caracal, Nov 30 2002

       Okay, yeah, but ice is only slightly lighter than water (9/10 remains submerged, after all), so putting that heavy a plastic on the cube will probably submerge the other 1/10 too. Try it and see.   

       Now, icecube submarines, yeah, that should fly. Um, sink. Whatever.
DrCurry, Nov 30 2002

       I want to see a Loch Ness monster in my soda.   

       Um, unless the plastic actually deforms as the water inside freezes or thaws, it's not going to change overall density much.   

       Battleships are cute but seem a little inconvenient; they're so long and narrow that to fit in the glass they'd have to be barely more than a sliver, which isn't going to hold a useful amount of water.   

       You need to find shapes that are basically round blobs. Fruit does work well.   

       What are these things called? I'm having trouble searching for them.
egnor, Dec 01 2002

       I want submarines and torpedoes but then I would... whoops, the doc has already said that.
po, Dec 01 2002

       That damn "Koolaid Man" gave me nightmares as a kid. I still shiver when I pass by him in the drink aisle.   

       egnor: "refreezable ice cubes" seems to work pretty well.
DrCurry, Dec 01 2002

       Mines. I want mines.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2002

       Oh YES ........ !   

       Little floating mine icecubes wich explode when they bump into the little Icecube battleships.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2002

       Every day. Something new. Joy. Thanks Nick!
Ludwig, Dec 02 2002

       //stuck back in the fridge// - try the freezer.   

       I thought this would be some sort of antarctic navy frigate, or at the very least the strategy game which lends itself to the phrase "you sunk my battleship".
Can we throw icecube missiles at each other's drinks to sink ice cubes?
Parvenu, Dec 02 2002

       How about penguins? They're kind of round and blobby (well, moreso than battleships, anyway).
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 02 2002

       I want mine in the shape of a goldfish....floating on top on its side like it's dead.....ha! great idea! would also like an assortment of insects......
Marassa, Dec 02 2002

       You'd need yellow water, Marassa, for a proper goldfish effect. Any ideas...
Parvenu, Dec 02 2002

Marassa, Dec 02 2002

       The torpedo needs a tiny spring motor-propellor frozen into the ice. When it finally melts, the torpedo takes off and the prop sprays cola all over.
wbeaty, Jun 28 2003

       Mix some wood powder in your ice to make a "Pykecrete" battleship which takes weeks to melt, as with Operation Habakkuk in WWII!
wbeaty, Jun 28 2003


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