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Fishtank Water Cooler

In memory of Sparky
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For those days when co-workers gathered around the water cooler run out of conversation topics... A fishtank or terrarium built onto the water cooler would add a bit of life and colour to a dreary office.

The water itself can be concealed inside the water cooler. For a more realistic touch, make the tank on top the usual shape of water cooler tanks. It would be an interesting way to unnerve visitors.

It may be necessary to have an insulation pad between the tank and the rest of the cooler to stop the fishies from getting too chilly.

madradish, Nov 12 2002


       This would also go well with blissy's cubicle fishin'.
FarmerJohn, Nov 12 2002

       I have seen a japanese (I think) toilet with a fish tank incorporated into the cistern. sorry if I have mentioned this before. neat idea though [mad]
po, Nov 12 2002

       nice one. I would like to see a whole range of aquarium-based furniture. Dinner tables, for example. Now both Fido *and* Gawper can beg for morsels.
General Washington, Nov 12 2002

       *gawper* hah.
po, Nov 12 2002

       I think I saw one on an episode of freinds. (+)   

       What's this *other* spout connected to, I wonder...
RayfordSteele, Nov 12 2002

       has anyone seen such a product or attempt ... If so please email info to me, a friend of mine would like to buy one. Or if you have info on how they might be built. tbriegel@hotmail.com September, 2003
tbriegel, Aug 28 2003


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