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Battleship Laptop

Who cares if you lost all the pegs?
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there is half a Battleship boardgame that has been sitting around my house for as long as i can remember. as far as i know, the other half has disappeared forever. however, i do not want to waste a perfectly good little toy, so i was thinking: why not crack it open, throw in a bunch of hardware, and turn it into a little p2 laptop? then i realised that i have neither the expertise nor the parts to do so, so i was wondering if the game company, or some geek consortium out there would be able to do this. i know i'd buy one, and the kitsch value alone would guarantee steady sales amongst other geeks.
rhino, May 27 2000

(?) JavaBattleship http://cs.millersv....s/battleship/b.html
Is 'two players at the same computer', but has a mighty kaboom that woke everybody at work up... [StarChaser, May 27 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

And if all else fails... http://www.altavist...anslate=on&text=yes
Ninja Vanish! [StarChaser, May 27 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Zack, the Lego Mac http://symphonydb.e...legomac/default.htm
G3 PowerBook in Lego case. [jutta, May 27 2000]


       Well, I've heard of a guy who put his desktop in a Corn Flakes brown box, so anything's possible. It wouldn't be too sturdy, but it'll certainly make a nice conversation piece at your next board meeting.   

       P.S. I remember always losing pegs through the game's folding hinge, where pegs could come in and fall out through three 'vents' on the bottom of the apparatus. Why did they design it like that?
quanta, Aug 27 2000

       And I saw someone who built a shell for his laptop out of Lego blocks...can't find the @*%@ $ page now, though...
StarChaser, Aug 27 2000

       Does anyone play "Internet Battleships"? I mean does it exist? The sounds could be programmed, explosions could be visual etc. Could be fun.
Alcin, Sep 16 2000

       And yea, asketh and thou shalt recieve...
StarChaser, Sep 16 2000


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