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Computer-Furniture .... the processor of things
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How many times have you needed to plug into a usb or miniusb to use a device or charge something while sitting in your living room watching TV in your easy chair or couch? All furniture should have power outlets and ports ..! why not we are all connected top phones , internet , tablets etc. The eventual combining of furniture and Computers. I am not talking about the desk that has a PC in the drawer, I am talking about the picture on the wall that is also a all in one. or the cabinet on the wall that has built in water cooled PC and uses streaming usb to my usb hub on my recliner. No big square box meant to look like a car or 18 year olds video game. DOWN WITH PC CASES as we know them!!! Instead we need coffee tables with pop up wireless keyboards and USB ports in the arm of my recliner. ..........Oh thats right I already have them!!! so when your sitting and talking to a friend or working from home and you need to be on the internet you just get on without moving or having to boot up etc. No not the smart TV because you can't review a spread sheet easy or multi task as well and mine is slower then a standalone PC. The concept also works in the office to clear the PC or box from under or ontop of your desk.... (see link) a few examples of the idea.

Send me your orders ... !!

shradius, Dec 14 2014

Computiture https://app.box.com...1dqipw3a2qwxndmbbsp
[shradius, Dec 14 2014]

Furniture with structured cabling Furniture_20with_20structured_20cabling
Prior Art [8th of 7, Dec 14 2014]


8th of 7, Dec 14 2014

       Typing as one who was making wooden pc cases...the problem is that pc's as a standard are dropping like flies. Tablets, on the other hand...if you can do something with them, you'll be in the money.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 14 2014


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