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You've heard of the game Battleship, and you may have even heard of or played 3d Battleship in space where there are three layers.

This is based on that premise but either side of the game board is an actual cubic grid in which to place your submarines.
Given that it would be extremely difficult to place your submarine within a grid LED's at the intersections will illuminate to indicate the positions of your vessels, and here's the kick, they can be in any orientation. Vertical, horizontal or off on any kilter you fancy.

The subs will also be moving throughout the game so you can set and change the trajectory of any of your subs at the start of each turn but only 1/3 angle change from the previous trajectory.
Each type of sub moves at different rates of speed with the smallest able to zip three spaces in per turn, medium two spaces, and larger subs only get one.

As an added challenge I propose that only a given number of torpedoes are in each players arsenal and that each turn not firing a torpedo is spent sending a "ping".
Pings are unlimited but depend on proximity to whichever sub you chose to 'ping' from which gives the opponent some clue as to your subs whereabouts at that point in the game but no clue as to your heading.
LED's diminishing in intensity show you the wake of each of your subs.

You would need to defend your large subs because the amount of torpedoes each sub carries is dependant on its size, and when that sub receives its number of hits then any unused torpedoes implode with them and are taken from your arsenal.

Also the firing of torpedoes is proximity dependant meaning only the closest of your subs can take the shot. If your closest sub is depleted then the next closest would be the one to fire.

The Hunt for Red October https://en.wikipedi...r_(1987_video_game)
I loved this game [Voice, Apr 20 2022]

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       No way this hasn't been thought of. [+] if not.   

       And if not, shame on the makers of Battleship for not thinking of this. Battleship sucks, this would actually be fun.
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2022

       Nice! One addition: toroidal boundary conditions for the sides, but not the top & bottom.
Ooh, further addition (depending on the size of the playing volume): "sea floor" terrain; trenches & rises etc to hide amongst. (maybe to a maximum of only 20% of playing depth?).
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 19 2022

       Nice... and depth charges to run into unless pinged.   

whatrock, Apr 20 2022

       You should also have to choose the ordinance type for each attack. Air-dropped depth charge or torpedo, for instance. What about mine-layers?
21 Quest, Apr 20 2022

       I was thinking that depth charges would be placed blindly before the battle just as the subs would be placed...   

       ...only because that's pretty much the limits of what I could visually hold in my head given moving objects, but if a program kept track of movements of everything in a way which would allow anyone to visualize the movements of all of them at the same time and in a 3d environment... then sure.   

       That would be cool.   

       I had to think about how toroidal boundaries would change game play.   


       [+] Hahaha. And what if you had to keep your supply line defended, you pseudo-Russian bastards?
4and20, Apr 20 2022

       + hoping for some sound effects like explosions, underwater beeps and some blinking light visuals.
xandram, Apr 20 2022

       Hmm... toroidal thought experiment: can you fire a "theoretical infinite range" torpedo, that will pass through ALL grid points (eventually)?
(Assuming torpedoes don't have to stick to cartesian directions...)
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 20 2022

       //a "theoretical infinite range" torpedo, that will pass through ALL grid points//   

       Well since I had visualized a cubic grid with the, (I don't know if this is the right word) vertices? apexes?, <the pointy outer bits) being connected to allow for angle attacks.
Given that case then no a torpedo would have to zig-zag to reach each grid point.

       Nothing saying that a toroidal version couldn't be comprised of a hexagonal lattice or even a dodecahedral grid with the pointy bits connected in which case I still don't think any give trajectory would do anything but barber-pole in a given infinite loop.   


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