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A little box of fun!
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This is a small cardboard box, about the size of two packs of cards, which is designed to help you when you are bored.

On the outside, it has 'BOX III' (read 'box three') in large letters. On the other side is a list of words, some of which are made up, some of which rhyme, and some of which are interesting, and have definitions next to them. The thin sides have interesting and confusing pictures.

You open it. It opens like a box of matches - a little tray comes out, leaving a hollow tube (reinforced). The tube has creases extra creases running halfway between the edges on the two larger faces, meaning that you can open it out into a hexagonal prism.

Inside you will find a variety of things. There are three pieces of strong string, in four colours. There is a piece of wood, with hole running through, and another piece of wood which looks identical, but the holes run in different configuations. There are two metal rings, with a gap in the ring so that you can put it onto something. There are four ring magnets, and one stronger cube magnet. There is a small wooden rod. There is also a lump of plasticine in a random colour.

At the bottom you will find some cards. Some have pictures on them, some have lists of numbers, some have words, some have random patterns. There is also a small electronic device (solar powered, but can run on a watch battery for several years) which will do a random operation to any number entered in.

When you are bored, you can take this out and invent a game with whatever you find inside. You will have endless fun using your own imagination. If you ever manage to get bored, the range changes monthly, and you can buy a new one. They will look exactly identical from the outside though.

So never be bored again! Don't delay, buy your all-new, patent penting, fun-filled, exiting, Box III now!

dbmag9, Feb 09 2006


       Sounds good! And a choking hazard to boot.   

       So, why is this only half baked. Make it happen.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 09 2006

       Send me one, I promise I'll be amazed.
reensure, Feb 09 2006

       In response to fervent wonderings from such questioners as [Galbinus_Caeli] and [reensure], Fun Box cooporations released this statement: "Box III is currently only in its Halfbaked stage, due to technical concerns with certain departments of product licencing. However, we have recently obtained a large sum of money from a source who wishes to remain unnamed (for legal reasons) which we feel sure will help the licensers see the better side of Box III. Regretably, even the best prototypes will not stand being sent by email, and we could not be bothered to make an ASCII diagram of the product. Regretably, we will not be making further statements in the near future, as we will be conducting important business talks with ethanolic libation purveyors in the caribbean."
dbmag9, Feb 09 2006

       Fine. Then I'll be getting a flat envelope like with the prayer rugs, telling me I've been chosen as one house for to bless two houses? All I have to do is to assemble the Box III and give them as gifts?
reensure, Feb 09 2006

       //from a source who wishes to remain unnamed//   

       Tell Michael Jackson I don't care how much he contributes to product development, it still doesn't come with "Jesus Juice".
Pac-man, Feb 09 2006

       Actually, the contacts were are in the mafia... I mean, the contacts aren't in the mafia.. I mean, there are not contacts... I mean, it's lovely weather outside!   

       No reensure, you don't have to do anything near as complicated as that. Everything will become clear.
dbmag9, Feb 09 2006

       christmas crackers are baked and they go bang to boot!   

       doesn't this just remind you of every schoolboy's pocket?!
po, Feb 09 2006

       Interesting. So, when you squeeze this thing into hexagonal form, do the strings and rods kind of pop out of the sides into the hexagonal space on the inside?   

daseva, Feb 09 2006

       No, the box just squeezes into hexagonal form to add to your collection of random objects to play with.
dbmag9, Feb 10 2006

       And probably with her head.
bristolz, Feb 10 2006

       But a kid could also make an action figure by him (or her) self, and no one complains about that.   

       Also, this is for adults mainly, in the line of those 'executive toys' such as Thinking Putty or Newton's Cradles.   

       Dirt could also be included in Box III if you want, [bigsleep].
dbmag9, Feb 10 2006

       bris! what are you saying? I thought you loved me...   

       <bangs head on wall> life is hard in this cell...
po, Feb 10 2006

       Just remember...   

       <get ready to groan> Think outside of the box!
DesertFox, Feb 11 2006

       No problem. But I do have to take issue with your opening presents on Christmas Eve, as the annotation date shows.   

       Nevertheless, merry Christmas, all.
dbmag9, Dec 25 2007

       Fair enough, then.
dbmag9, Dec 27 2007


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