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Burrito Stand

The game.
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I drive the same route to school every day. Along the way there are many un-used lots next to other buildings. About a month ago I was driving home at night and I saw a little burrito stand in one of those lots with a few people eating dinner. A couple weeks later Im driving back home and the same burrito stand now has two grills instead of one, misters, a soda pallet, really nice outdoor coverings, flashing lights, and a mob of people eating. How long until its the next taco bell I was thinking. Then I was wondering if I should continue college or open up a burrito stand.

So my idea is a to come up with a board game, or a video game where you are given a burrito stand and have to work your way up to a full fledged mexican restaurant. Sort of like the sim tower game.

You could choose your characters. Have to deal with city hall over zoning. There could also be levels of danger where you would be tested on safely moving your cart across trafic.

Either way there is a market for such a game, but it may be best suited as "burrito cart monopoly"

Antegrity, Sep 02 2005

(?) Hot Dog Stand: The Works http://www.allstarreview.com/hotdog.html
Strictly kidstuff. [jurist, Sep 02 2005]

Entrepreneur http://www.stardock...oducts/ent/ent.html
With "The Corporate Machine", this is directed for somewhat more mature players who would wish to be captains of industry. [jurist, Sep 02 2005]

Capitalism II http://www.enlight.com/capitalism2/
Reportedly, "the most comprehensive business simulation available." [jurist, Sep 02 2005]

Lemonade Stand http://www.lemonadegame.com/
Online game. [Shz, Sep 02 2005]


       If you will accept the premise that Burrito Carts and Hot Dog Stands are roughly analogous business models (depending upon your geographic location), then there is at least one game for children that plays around with some of the basics in this game. (Link 1)   

       The game "Entrepreneur" (and its successor, "The Corporate Machine") builds substantially on this basic premise for more mature players.(Link 2) Capitalism II, too. (Link 3)
jurist, Sep 02 2005

       //Then I was wondering if I should continue college or open up a burrito stand.\\ Drop out, the world is your burrito.
zeno, Sep 02 2005

       It seems that prime turf is either next to a car wash, or a bar.
Antegrity, Sep 03 2005

       Isn't there a game called "Restaurant Tycoon", which kind of does this, although I don't think you have to start with a single burrito cart?   

       I agree, open a burrito stand, and dessert stand next to it.
sleeka, Sep 03 2005

       //I was wondering if I should continue college or open up a burrito stand//   

       If right now I could change the past, I would have chosen to not go to college, keep the 500,000 pesos my parents spent in my degree and use it to open my own business.   

       You grow up hearing that school is the only way to learn and be successful, but they don't tell you that, they're just preparing you to be someone else's slave for the rest of your life, if you want to eat.   

       Save your money and open a burrito stand, a whatever stand really, and read a lot. You don't need school.
Pericles, Sep 03 2005

       I dont know but the donkey show in mexico seems to get a lot of attention.
Antegrity, Sep 05 2005

       This reminds me: I was wondering - did the family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre make sausage? I wonder how they chose their spices, and if it was popular stuff?
bungston, Sep 06 2005

       This is a very nicely written idea. Evocative.
bristolz, Sep 06 2005

       I just happen to know a computer programmer who is working on this concept as we speak. It will combine combat strategy, rpg style anime action sequences, advanced body controls, 1st person shooter and frogger like road crossing sequences.
Antegrity, Sep 10 2005

       this idea is making me hungry
benfrost, Sep 10 2005

       First person shooter sequences?   

       You must start off in the Baja.
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 14 2006

       Yes but you only obtain a gun late in the game, your main focus is creating tasty burrito's for hundreds of early morning patrons.   

       Starting point is the border. But host city maps would be unlimited.
Antegrity, Jan 14 2006

       Beautiful! Make it out completely and sell it to milton bradley!!!
chivaking, Apr 17 2006

       Along the way, side business options open up. Do you sell drugs from your burrito stand along with cheap burritos, or earn the respect of the streets with amicable demeanor and quality food products? Do you set up your stand next to another for some friendly competition, or jump in your 1983 Datsun and brutally murder all competition? Do you spit in the cheese or dip your genitalia in the beans?
AfroAssault, Apr 17 2006

       The Last Burrito Stand


       - starting point in Tijuana, of course -
- burrito stand - take over not just paperless business, but entire neighborhoods and towns in tandem with ne'er-do-well associates must build X number of burrito stands which are also fronts for whatever - each has remarkable number of offspring during course of game which consume fuel from outside resources and provide fuel/life protection as they become drone workers while they grow remarkably fast and their children occasionally rinse and repeat
- sometime during all that hustle and bustle, obtain weapons, use them to great effect -
- precondition of X number of burrito stands must be met before ultimate challenge, as...
- one shootout goes terribly awry -
- car chase ensues -
- make run for the border -
thumbwax, Apr 17 2006

       Combine with monopoly-like rules and call it The Whole Enchilada.
ideaphoric, Apr 18 2006


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