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Beach Scrabble

what better way to spend the afternoon ?
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Find a flatish bit of beach away from the water, roll out your 2mx2m beach towel scrabble board, then dispense 7 tile sized tiles to each competitor. Away you go.

Better still, the tiles double as coasters when the game's over.
neilp, May 12 2004

Alphabet Molds http://www.tuffware.../sand/alphabet.html
These would work well with [Jinbish]'s approach to the game hardware. I like it. [jurist, Oct 05 2004]

Scrabble Beach Towel http://www.laurenslinens.com/scbeto.html
Not 2mx2m, I'm afraid. [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]


       I gave this a [+], but shouldn't the board be (somehow) drawn in the sand? Now that'd be cool...
not_only_but_also, May 12 2004

       you could make a giant sand scrabble printer I suppose.. but carrying it would be really annoying. And besides, beach towels are actually quite useful in their own right.
neilp, May 12 2004

       There are 100 tiles (98 letters and 2 blanks) in a complete Scrabble set, which begins to be quite a bit of gear to lug down to the beach and keep track of in the sand. Of course, the Beach Scrabble tiles could be made out of a light-weight plastic, but if you intended them to be made of ceramic 4" x 4" (100mm square) tiles to be waterproof and windproof and resistant to abrasion, it's going to be a heavy package. Better plan on a rip-stop nylon carryall with a molded plastic tile caddy insert for easy transport and storage of all your playing pieces.
jurist, May 12 2004

       Hi, jurist. One problem - wind. {{{{{{shimmering flashback}}}}}} 1984, Santa Monica Beach - playing frisbee with a VW hubcap on a windy day - threw "frisbee" - wind blew, hard! *whammo!* - hit Danny on the head, hard!... we sang "Danny Boy, Danny Boy..." angry, but alive, Danny didn't want to play anymore }}}}}}shimmering flashback{{{{{{
thumbwax, May 12 2004

       A 2m x 2m beach towel sounds to be like an elaborate ruse to bag more beach for yourself.   

       Nice, though you're going to have to work with the tiles a bit. How about having them with the hook side of Velcro on the back? Then they can stick to your towel.
hazel, May 12 2004

       2m x 2m the Germans would bag the whole beach.
engineer1, May 12 2004

       How about making the tiles from sponge? Very compactable and won't blow away when they're damp. The container could have perforations on the bottom and it would ring them out as you crammed it closed.   

       [not_only_but_also] is right -we should use the sand!   

       For the board, use a special net like weave of string and peg the four corners out in the sand. I'm not quite sure what size is best - maybe a net made 1.5m x 1.5m, this gives 15 x 15 10sq cm slots. The bonuses have a perimeter of appropriate colour.   

       Use normal scrabble tiles and rack... in addition to 27 tools (A-Z + blank) to depress into the sand to form the letters - better yet make them little sand-castle moulds.   

       Pick the normal tiles from the bag in the usual fashion. Decide what word and where to put down - then place your letters in the sand and throw the tiles away into a 'used' bag.
Jinbish, May 12 2004

       Make them float and have people swim for the letters they need on a time limit. +
sartep, May 12 2004

       about 20 years ago, my cousin had a small magnetic travel scrabble set that she would bring to the beach. it might be easier then a giant towel and huge letters.   

       Ofcourse if you wanted to have a sort of beach community scrabble event, with lots of spectators chearing when thier favorite player spells "exquisite" on a tripple word score. then this idea could be fun.
-wess, May 13 2004


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