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Fantasy Scrabble

Fantasy Football meets Scrabble
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At the beginning of the game each player is dealt four tiles and a purse, e.g., $500.

First round draft: The bank puts out enough tiles, face down to complete the racks of each of the players, i.e., for four players, 12 tiles. The bank reveals one of the tiles. The players engage in an auction to buy that tile. This continues until all tiles have been sold.

First round trades: The players engage in tile trading. Tile- for-tile or for money. "Anyone wants to buy a W?" "I'll sell an E for a dollar?" Free for all. There may be a rule to limit it, e.g., all trades must be completed in 5 minutes.

First season: Bank offers an auction for the opportunity to play the first word. If no one bids, the bank offers a reverse auction to play the first word.

First round: like in regular scrabble. However, no one picks new tiles to replace the played tiles. Scores are added up like in regular scrabble.

Replenish the purses: A number of alternatives. (1) everyone gets a fresh $100, (2) you get a buck for each point won, (3) player who scored highest in the round gets $100, everyone else gets $50, (4) lowest scorer gets the most (to even things out).

Bank puts out enough tiles, face down, to complete everyone's rack. The process starts over again. Including auction for who gets to play first in the next round.

The game continues, repeating above process, until it ends like in regular scrabble.

Winner takes all the money home.

Goesta Berling, May 18 2020



       Quite right [2fries], who is the banker? or is there a steep player registration fee or maybe a professional endorsement side game.
wjt, May 19 2020

       // Scores are added up like in regular scrabble// I would have thought there is no point keeping two separate records, of scores, and of cash. The "scores" should be how cash distribution is handled.   

       Anyway scrabble is a horrible "game" and should be outlawed.
pocmloc, May 19 2020


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