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Beards Nest Soup

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Pay men to grow large, bushy beards.

Plait said beards so that they contain small, well designed nests for birds.

Train small birds to adopt the nests and lay eggs in them.

Harvest some of the eggs and use them to make egg-drop soup, then market it under the trade name "Beards Nest Soup".

8th of 7, Aug 23 2016

Beard_20Cyclops Keep a watchful eye on them as well. [xenzag, Aug 23 2016]

Peter Griffin grows a beard and a hungry bird moves in! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=57q4Gt1t3Mk
[xenzag, Aug 23 2016]

Bearded Tit http://www.norfolkb...t1_Sue%20Lawlor.JPG
Possible resident, opens possibility of recursive beards. [mitxela, Aug 24 2016]


       I would say this is your most unpalatable idea ever, but of course only time will tell.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 23 2016

       In an episode of the fabulous Family Guy, Peter provided a home to a bird using his newly grown beard, which went on to produce a little family. Will try to find link. I full approve of the idea of making nests in beards, so here is something with which to feed to hungry fledglings. {+}
xenzag, Aug 23 2016

       Since the beard-wearers will need to clean their beards at intervals, they will also be supplied - as part of their contract - with specially formulated Beard Nest Soap.
8th of 7, Aug 23 2016

       Gross, but contains the word "birds" so +.
blissmiss, Aug 23 2016

       Gross, but contains the word "beards", so +.
FlyingToaster, Aug 23 2016

       Gross, but... is gross, so +.   

       Good to have you back, [8th]!
whatrock, Aug 24 2016

       + I like the imagery of men with little birds peeping out of their beards!
xandram, Aug 24 2016

       The beard of my imagination would make a nice home for a pair of stubby chubby owls. The beard of my reality might eventually house a stick insect.
lurch, Aug 24 2016

       Yes! So much yes!
21 Quest, Aug 24 2016

       //Good to have you back, [8th]!//   

       He's never been away. Ever.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 24 2016

       Good to have you back [xandram].
blissmiss, Aug 24 2016

       The circus would feature: Breaded Lady Nest Soup which investigative reporters would soon find to really be Campbell's with twigs added.
popbottle, Aug 26 2016

       rec… i… pe ?   

       Good to have you back, [popbottle].
notexactly, Aug 27 2016

       // rec ... i ... pie //   

       Soup, not pie. Besides, it's a form of aviculture, not a method of food preparation. The details of the soup aren't specified explicitly.   

       Good to have you back [lurch].
8th of 7, Aug 27 2016

       I'm still gone.
lurch, Aug 27 2016

       // He's never been away. Ever. //   

       Is that a lament?
whatrock, Sep 12 2016

       // a snot laiden mustache was an entirely disgusting revelation //   

       That does not come as a surprise, however. Why exactly did you feel the need to share that ? Too ... much ... information ...
8th of 7, Sep 12 2016


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