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Explosion Soup

It's not just matza ball anymore
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With the popularity of pop rocks, exploding chocolate and other novelty and/or gag items, why not juice it up with a hot bowl of ticking-time-bomb broth?

Heat, serve and then step back and wait...

k_sra, Feb 21 2005

Pop Rocks history http://www.poprockscandy.com/history.html
they didn't kill Mikey from the Life cereal commercials [k_sra, Feb 21 2005]


       what would be explosive in the broth? and how would you time the xplosion? and how would you get over the legal issues in the US... "hot soup on face kills 2 minors" and the sort
Sp@rkp|ug, Feb 21 2005

       great stuff - phoof!
po, Feb 21 2005

       Disclaimer: Do not use near face or genitals.
Cats Whiskers, Feb 21 2005

       This soup shows a Won Ton disregard for human life.
robinism, Feb 21 2005

       I make a mean ‘singing firecracker soup’. No time delay though.
Shz, Feb 22 2005

       1,000 bowls of exploding alphabet soup for 1,000 years will eventually come up with the complete works of shakesp... [tick]... [tick] ..BOOM!
% a
R 3 % e
not_only_but_also, Feb 22 2005

       [robinism], someday you'll pay for that line [Won Ton disregard for human life].   

       In the mean time, you could start making payments towards that debt, and I'll hold the prinicipal for you and pay you a modest interest on it.
normzone, Feb 22 2005

       1000 monkeys (w/ typewriters)* 1000 years = the complete works of Shakespeare (not bad)
1 monkey (fictitious)(w/ typewriter) * several years = not much worth relating

       Even with a great sense of humor I'm not sure anyone could take that well [UB].
brodie, Feb 22 2005

       Perhaps if the soup was served in a reinforced wind-up clock placed face up on a table, with its glass reversed to hold the soup, then there could be room in there for some kind of sudden explosion for the taste buds.
mensmaximus, Feb 22 2005

       This idea got a total of eight votes, three against and five for. That's pretty good. I would just like to say that I posted it in honor of [letsbuildafort] who can't make it to a computer these days. (it's not his idea. he just told me to post it.)
k_sra, Feb 24 2005

       whose idea is it then? I voted +   

       whats fort up to then? skidding around on a bike?
po, Feb 24 2005

       No, he's changing tires on bikes as part of his final exams. His new nickname is Suzuki and he misses you, Po. need his number?
k_sra, Feb 24 2005

       better send it - miss him too. why change his ID? we all adored him! and his tribute to no12pass should never go away.
po, Feb 24 2005

       The carrots in my soup exploded in the microwave today and I thought of this idea. Not as much fun as I had anticipated. Beef can also explode under the right conditions. I had a cup of beef broth bounce two inches off the counter with a small post-microwave explosion.
k_sra, Jul 31 2007

       for a hot time call K.
dentworth, Jul 31 2007


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