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Bed Snorkel

Breathe easy under the sheets
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If it's too cold or bright in the bedroom the head-under-duvet sleeping position is sometimes best, until a lack of fresh air brings discomfort again. The Bed Snorkel a soft comfortable mask is placed over the mouth and nose and the connected tube clipped to the headboard. The use of one way valves ensures that inhaled air is always fresh from outside, while warm exhaled breath stays inside your little cocoon. The mask is lined with replaceable dribble-absorbent material. If wearing a mask is too uncomfortable a version of the bed snorkel that is incorporated into a pillow should be available.
tom1, Dec 13 2008

Bed Snorkel (prior art) http://www.thistoow...wordpress/?m=200701
Similar idea, scroll down ~3/8 of the way. [csea, Dec 14 2008]


       Also very useful for those occasions where there are monsters in the room that will attempt to eat any of your exremeties that are outside of the duvet.
Or is that just me?
gnomethang, Dec 14 2008

       [rcarty], what're you doing in [gnomethang]'s room? Out, and quit nibbling his extremities!
david_scothern, Dec 14 2008

       Not Possible, all my extremeties are under the duvet.
gnomethang, Dec 14 2008

       See [link] for prior art.
csea, Dec 14 2008

       Dutch oven mentioned in 5, 4, 3...
Texticle, Dec 15 2008

       Alright...but only of I still get to wear my flippers to bed.   

       Sounds like sleep apnea equipment, although the mask is neither soft nor comfortable.
Spacecoyote, Dec 16 2008

       every idea has already been thought of. i was also thinking this could be used in reverse so that when walking in the street cold fresh air can be inhaled through the mask and exhaled through a tube that is fed into your coat to keep warm. i guess we must waste a lot of energy exhaling warm air all day.
tom1, Dec 16 2008


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