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Books under the bed, or bed behind the books
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At first glance, the bedroom is largely empty, but for a large oak bookcase, standing against the wall. At the touch of a button, its doors close, and it slowly leans forward until it lies face-down on the carpet. Equally slowly, the back opens, each of two doors folding up and over and down the sides to reveal a double bed, complete with duvet.

The act of transitioning between horizontal and vertical states ensures that every book is neatly aligned with its neighbours, sitting at the front of the shelves. When closed, the doors on the rear maintain enough compression to keep the duvet more or less in position; the head end of the bed is the bottom when it stands upright, so gravity keeps the pillows in place.

Optional sensor pack ensures that it doesn't operate when occupied, preventing Fido suffocating Tiddles by "accidentally" stepping on the remote on a sunny afternoon.

And yes, you do need to think ahead if you want to read in bed.

david_scothern, Sep 14 2012


       could you read that to me again?
po, Sep 14 2012

       [+], apart from the bit where the cat doesn't die ...
8th of 7, Sep 14 2012

       So, it's a hide-a-bed (WKTE) concealed by a trick bookcase (also WKTE)...   

       I'm reasonably certain this one's already been baked.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012

       One of my uncles (no idea which one - I seem to have an implausibly large number) got a very trendy architect to remodel the part of the northeast wing that we let her stay in. The remodelling included a huge number of trompe- d'oeils, and an entire foldaway bedroom with ensuite bathroom and sauna concealed behind a large Pollock.   

       Unfortunately, the architect was killed in a tragic macramé accident* immediately after completing the work and, as a result, my uncle was never able to find the bedroom.   

       *(it may have been bondage, but macramé seemed the kinder explanation)
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2012

       Was that the, er, individual who wanted the colour scheme to be Fifty Shades of Grey?   

       In which case, yes, macrame is definitely the more socially acceptable explanation. PVC- coated cable is an unusual choice of material, but benefit of the doubt and all that.
8th of 7, Sep 14 2012

       Too much Jackson Pollock can do that to a man.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012

       In the end, it's just a matter of joining the dots.
8th of 7, Sep 14 2012

       //individual who wanted the colour scheme to be Fifty Shades of Grey? // Would that she had had such taste. There are some inexplicable genes in the distaff side of the Buchanan line.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2012

       Fabulous. Do you think this will work with my water bed?
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 14 2012

       //concealed behind a large Pollock// Shirly several paintings would be needed - in fact, this sounds like a load of Pollocks.
spidermother, Sep 15 2012

       Give the lad some encouragement. Go on. Bun him.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 15 2012

       This is an original idea because 70's porno music doesn't play at the same time.
rcarty, Sep 15 2012

       In that case, mine must be the later model.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 16 2012

       This is all very well but as you explained at the beginning of your idea, it looks like a large empty room with a book case, which is how it will remain. Believe me, if you have a wife like mine with an obsessive compulsive disorder for filling empty spaces with clutter, it will really piss you off trying to create enough space for a bed each night.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 16 2012

       A giant hydraulic ram propels a bulldozer blade across the floor prior to deployment of the bed. Depending on the size of the room, a section of the floor may need to hinge open to receive the clutter.
pocmloc, Sep 16 2012

       Ha Ha, Super Idea.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 16 2012


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