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Bedbug free sleep in tropics

Sleeping system without matress
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I stayed in a backpackers hostel in Singapore a month ago and was bitten by bedbugs. Annoying little buggers. Bedbugs are hard to get rid of particularly when you have thick matresses to have plenty of hiding places. In tropics you don't need matress for warmth but for comfort. I think you can do without matress.

Hammocks are comfortable and you dont need matress with them if it is warm enough. This system would kind of similar but not the shape of hammock. Some kind of rectangular fabric like a tarp with holes for attaching into the hooks on the frame.

So hotels and hostels would have metal frames where you attach these sleeper tarps from each corner and adjust the tension according your preference.

You would be able to hire one from reception or use your own. No need for pillows either as you would partly sink into the tarp and have comfortable sleep without pressure points.

These sleeper tarps would be lightweight and easy to wash. Also they would have small holes to let air through for cooler sleeping.

These tarps could be easily washed just like any sheets and would be bug free.

Pellepeloton, Sep 29 2006

Hammock http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammock
Not exactly what I mean, but my idea needs a square frame and is almost flat. [Pellepeloton, Sep 29 2006]


       Sounds a like a good idea to me [+]. Mind you, I'm surprised you found bedbugs in Singapore; I thought Singapore was so clean and highly-regulated that all the bedbugs had ben arrested.
pertinax, Sep 29 2006

       Apparently, you can be fined for having an unlicensed bed bug.
Ling, Sep 29 2006

       //persistent and indestructible // what would be higher in the foodchain?
po, Sep 29 2006


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