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Bedding from Temperature Sensitive Fabric

Inspired by Biofeedback
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You've seen the T shirts that will show handprints generated by body heat.

Same thing for bedding.

theircompetitor, Feb 22 2004

hb style bedding, windows http://www.loop.ph
[theircompetitor, May 12 2006]

Flirting with transparency http://localuknews....s-dress-turns-clear
Really? [theircompetitor, Feb 06 2013]

Spreadsheets https://itunes.appl...d./id673680985?mt=8
[theircompetitor, Dec 25 2013]

Smart fabric -- Intimacy https://www.studior...oject/intimacy-2-0/
[theircompetitor, Mar 16 2015]


       Actually, I've never seen those shirts. I don't like it, though. People would see big, human-shaped blotches and think 'poor bowel control.'
motive power, Feb 22 2004

       With Tee shirts people could see the prints. What do you plan to do with the bed stains?
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 22 2004

       I'm leaving it for the imagination of the user
theircompetitor, Feb 22 2004

       See cool loop.ph link
theircompetitor, May 12 2006

       Look at the last link [Spreadsheets].
theircompetitor, Dec 25 2013

       If the fabric fibres could change shape with temperature as well, they could perhaps "fluff up" the duvet when cold.
Ling, Dec 25 2013


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