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Airs your bed for you
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Airing one's bedding outside in the sun and wind is highly recommended to freshen up the bedding and kill off the nasties.

To save the hassle of daily bundling up your blankets and hauling them outside to the line, and then subsequently hauling them back in and making the bed, the Bedairer brings the sun and the wind into your private nest.

Like an electric blanket, this is a layer that is placed within your bedding. Use two, one above and one below!

The Bedair layer incorporates hollow fibres which are connected to a discrete air blower, to continuously cycle fresh air into the heart of your putrid duvet stack.

Alongside these narrow tubes are bundles of optical fibres, which are connected to a high powered UV source, ensuring that the darkest inner recesses of your slimy sheets are blasted with sterilising rays.

Now, each mornign you need only slide out of bed, and switch on your Bedair. In the evening, switch it off and creep beneath the sheets. Daily bed-making is a thing of the past!

pocmloc, Dec 13 2010




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