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Music for the baby
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This product would be for pregnant women who want to play music for their unborn child. Basically these are headphones that would stick to the mother's stomach like suction cups. Kind of similar to the babyboombox idea, but probably a little more comfortable.
goober, Aug 06 2005

babyboombox idea babyboombox
as mentioned in idea [goober, Aug 06 2005]

The soundbug http://www.firebox....ion=product&pid=360
A woman's stomach is just another surface [fridge duck, Aug 07 2005]


       The BabyBoomBox idea didn't really address how the system would be powered in order to drive the speakers, and you don't address the issue in this idea (which would have been more appropriate as an annotation to the former, in any case). I would sincerely doubt that you could get enough amplitude from an MP3 or portable CD/Casette Player to penetrate the belly wall without plugging into a wall socket. And that means tethering mom to a cord that further limits her mobility. Your presentation either needs more thought or a more detailed description.
jurist, Aug 06 2005

       Whoa, I think you over-analyzed the idea, jurist. This is just headphones, but they're shaped like stick-on electrodes. This would be used when the woman is sleeping (thus the "bedphones" name) and she wants to play some music for the baby. Everything else is normal...plug a cd/mp3 player in the wall and the bedphones in the player.
goober, Aug 06 2005


       I don't see how this differs technically from the babyboombox idea. Some sort of sound production surface placed on a pregnant woman's belly. Whether you call it a speaker or a headphone, it's still the same thing, no?
jutta, Aug 07 2005


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