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Dental audio speaker

An audio speaker that vibrates through your teeth
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You can hear very well through your teeth - Try hitting a tuning fork and then biting down on it with your teeth. The idea would be a piezoelectric or similar speaker that you bite down on to be able to hear. Perhaps this would have applications for the deaf. Perhaps even a false-tooth implant could be made to work.

A premilinary search in the Internet didn't turn anything up for me.

Frostybeard, Mar 30 2004

Sound Bites lollipop http://old.thing.ne...1/messages/683.html
As mentioned by Tabs. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]

Sound Bites photo http://www.bayliner...album107/SoundBites
Bought this at the Warner Brothers Studio Store ca. 1998 [csea, Apr 23 2008]

I've seen this in a movie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Genius
there's a scene where they modify somebody's braces to pick up radio signals. [jaksplat, Apr 23 2008]

Radio GNAW Radio_20GNAW
This idea is redundant with the earlier but poorly titled Radio GNAW idea. [bungston, Apr 23 2008]


       What, whistle lollipops? I don't know if that could be called an audio speaker.
Frostybeard, Mar 30 2004

       I think [Tabs] is referring to products such as Sound Bites lollies, where a lollipop is inserted into a device that makes sound and then sucked or bitten. I've given a link with a news story with the following description:   

       // Based on proprietary technology developed by Sound Bites, LLC., the new toy-candy sensation sends safe sound vibrations through a standard lollipop. When a person bites on a lollipop that has been inserted in a Sound Bites, the sound vibrations travel through the teeth to the inner ear, where they are heard just like normal sounds. Audible primarily to the eater, the effect is the magic of hearing sounds inside your head. //   

       Sounds pretty close to [Frostybeard]'s idea.
kropotkin, Mar 30 2004

       How about a sugary sweet that yells and screams when you bite into it.
Frostybeard, Mar 30 2004

       Great idea
Ultramoose, Apr 23 2008

       See [link] for pic.
csea, Apr 23 2008

       //dentophonics// - A whole new field of audio for me to make stuff up about.
wagster, Apr 23 2008


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