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music for the unborn
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Place loudspeakers around your pregnant wife's tummy in a fashionable carrierband. One on the bellybutton makes her look a bit strange and even bigger but one on each side looks ok and is comfortable, four equaly spaced for the real surround experience for your baby. Mother can plug in her mp3player and headphones. Music will stimulate the kid and relax the mother. Get an intelligent kid and reduce hormonal outbursts.
zeno, Dec 29 2004


       I believe this is something people already do with headphones, but [+] for a custom designed device.
contracts, Dec 29 2004

       Editorial: First sentence assumes the reader isn't herself female, counterproductive in an invention that is supposed to be worn by women.
jutta, Aug 07 2005

       High on treble, low on base and just hope that's ok with the baby.   

       My wife was pregnant at the time and yes [jutta] I was full of it. (meaning it was impossible for me to think in any other perspective then my own. And yes (again) that happens to me more often then I (and others) like)
zeno, Aug 09 2005


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